How To Remove Stubborn Stickers From Dishes

Stubborn, sticky price stickers and their residue can mar an otherwise pretty dish, and stores always seem to stick ‘em right in the centre of the plate (or bowl, or platter). If you’re lucky, they peel off in one piece, leaving a smidge of adhesive behind that’s easily scraped off with your fingernail. But the more common scenario is that they cling to the surface, coming off in frustrating little bits.

The solution is a simple one (as all good solutions are): apply some heat. You can take the lazy way and soak the dish in super hot, soapy water, or you can take a more direct approach and blast the sticker with a hair dryer, as Queen Martha Stewart does in the above Instagram video.

You’ll want to get real close with the nozzle — about a quarter of an inch from the dish is good — and hold it there for about half a minute.

Test to see if it peels off easily, and repeat if necessary. If there’s any residual sticky stuff, rub an eraser over it, then scrub any last bits away with soap and water.


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