Remove Stubborn Stickers And Glue With Coconut Oil And Bicarb Soda

Looking for an easy way to remove stickers from plastics and furniture without resorting to harsh gunk-removing chemicals? All you need is a little coconut oil and bicarb soda. Equal parts mashed together will give you a slightly abrasive paste, perfect for removing residue or glue from almost any surface.

Over at Rosy Blu Handmade, Michelle notes that this worked like a charm to remove an old stubborn sticker from a plastic vacuum cleaner. I tried this myself, and I found that while one teaspoon of coconut oil and one teaspoon (or a little less) of bicarb soda worked wonders on already-soft residue, the tougher stuff required me to drag out the Goo Gone anyway.

A number of the commenters at the original article (link below) noted that you could do the same with other types of oil, such as tea tree oil (which is a bit more astringent and may cut through more, but is as expensive as coconut oil) or even baby oil. One of the benefits of coconut oil in this case is that it forms a paste at room temperature, so you don't have a liquid with baking soda at the bottom.

DIY Gunk Remover: Non-Toxic Recipe to Remove Sticky Adhesive Residue [Rosy Blu Handmade]


    Just for the record, most gunk removers these days are concentrated citrus oil.. So, basically the same thing.

    Libraries often use Eucalyptus oil - moves the sticky gunk and makes the room smell lovely!! A bit overwhelming in small rooms, however!

    A brand new razor blade and windex does a pretty good job too, unless you can't hold a razor blade straight, then you're going to ruin whatever you're taking the sticker off.

    Isopropyl alcohol otherwise known as rubbing alcohol works for me.

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