How To Get Foxtel’s Full Package For $35

How To Get Foxtel’s Full Package For $35
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With the rise of streaming services offering scores of content for affordable prices, the expensive cable TV services, like Foxtel, have struggled to find new ways to keep up. As more long-time customers realise they can get more for less with other services, Foxtel has resorted to offering huge discounts to keep existing customers. So, here’s how you can score yourself a full package for under $50.

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Foxtel customers who’ve threatened to quit, according to a report by Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), have been offered huge discounts on their Foxtel packages in order for them to stay. One customer told SMH he was able to get a $90 Foxtel package down to $55 while another alleged they were able to get their $99 package down to $35 after attempting to quit when Game of Thrones had finished airing.

Foxtel packages start at $69 per month with a minimum 12-month contract, which includes 60 channels including National Geographic and Fox Showcase. The most expensive offering is $139 per month for a minimum of 12 months. While these subscriptions offer hundreds of hours of content, Netflix and Stan offer nearly as much (sans sports) with no lock-in contracts and for a fraction of the price. Even Foxtel Go, its streaming service, offers access to drama and movies for the reasonable price of $15 per month with no lock-in contract.

Kayo Sports, the ‘Netflix of sport’, is partially owned by Foxtel but you’ll have to pay for that separately. If sport is all you want to stream, Kayo Sports is actually better deal at $25 per month, cheaper than anything offered on a Foxtel pay TV subscription.

How do I get a huge discount on my Foxtel subscription?

Customers who threatened to leave Foxtel’s service were offered better-valued prices, according to the article, so that’s where you should start. When it comes time to renew your package, tell them you’re no longer interested in the service as there are better options available for smaller costs.

If they can’t meet your expected discount, consider whether it’s time to actually follow through, cancel the subscription and explore the other streaming services. Either way, you’ll be getting a better deal.

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  • This doesn’t exist anymore and may never have existed. Several people on whirlpool and elsewhere have tried to get the discount and failed, being told the story in the media is a lie, and those who allege they have been given it haven’t proved so. It’s getting to the stage where foxtel will need to make a public announcement that a $35 Platinum HD package isn’t available.

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