Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: Google Fast Share explained, Big W PlayStation 4 sale, latest Google Pixel 4 leaks. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Google Assistant Is Getting A Feature We’ve Desperately Wanted For Years
    Google Assistant does a lot of useful things, but one limitation is that it can’t send text messages without you opening the lock screen. But that might be about to change.
  2. How To Get Foxtel’s Full Package For $35
    With the rise of streaming services offering scores of content for affordable prices, the expensive cable TV services, like Foxtel, have struggled to find new ways to keep up. As more long-time customers realise they can get more for less with other services, Foxtel has resorted to offering huge discounts to keep existing customers. So, here’s how you can score yourself a full package for under $50.
  3. Everything Coming To Australian Netflix This Week (July 22)
    Here is your Netflix binge-list for the week, fresh from the Australian servers! This week’s highlights include sci-fi series Another Life, the Coen Brothers’ black comedy Suburbicon, blokes-in-the-nuddy drama Magic Mike and Cambridge Analytica documentary The Great Hack.
  4. 10 ‘Aussie’ Phrases No Australian Has Ever Used
    Australian phrases are often a contentious topic of conversation. From obvious fake sayings slipped in by Facebook robots or our overseas mates (thanks, Crocodile Dundee) to the ridiculous sayings we actually do use everyday, the Australian vernacular is certainly not lacking.
  5. Report: Netflix Is Coming To Foxtel
    The fight to be Australia’s streaming top dog continues with Netflix maintaining its position but Stan and Foxtel’s streaming offering, Go, tightening the gap. But while the competition is fierce, Netflix and Foxtel seem to be doing the unthinkable: They’re teaming up.
  6. Uninstall These Eight Browser Extensions That Stole Data From Millions
    A massive data leak was recently discovered by cybersecurity researcher Sam Jidali, revealing private information for 45 major companies and millions of individuals.
  7. Score An Upgrade By Obsessively Checking Seats Before A FlightOne of the best tips I can give any flyer who doesn’t want to pay stupid fees for the slight extra legroom of “premium” seating is this: Check your seat assignment constantly.
  8. Everything Coming To Netflix In August 2019
    A new month is on the horizon and that means a new onslaught of Netflix content is about to enter our lives. From the new season of Mindhunter to GLOW to the classic grossout comedy, Zombieland, there’s bound to be something for everyone in this batch.
  9. You Should Wait Before Banning VLC From Your ComputerNews broke today that the VLC Media Player—immensely popular and Lifehacker-recommended—allegedly has a pretty severe bug that could allow allow a “booby-trapped” video, as The Register put it, to either crash the player or execute remote code. The former? An annoyance. The latter? A huge security issue, one that’d we recommend uninstalling VLC to address until its creator, VideoLAN, comes out with a patch.
  10. Everything You Need To Know About Foxtel’s New Deal With Netflix
    Foxtel has just announced it’s offering Netflix content to existing iQ4 customers, rolling out progressively from today. The changes mean two million Foxtel users (out of five million across Australia) who hadn’t previously had access to Netflix, will now be able to access the streaming giant’s content, according to figures supplied by Roy Morgan.


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