Report: Netflix Is Coming To Foxtel

Report: Netflix Is Coming To Foxtel
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The fight to be Australia’s streaming top dog continues with Netflix maintaining its position but Stan and Foxtel’s streaming offering, Go, tightening the gap. But while the competition is fierce, Netflix and Foxtel seem to be doing the unthinkable: They’re teaming up.

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Netflix’s content, according to a photo leak and rumours supplied to NewsCorp, will become available on Australia’s largest pay-TV provider in the coming months and is expected to be confirmed at an event this week.

In the leaked photo, a Foxtel remote is shown to have a Netflix button, suggesting content from the global streaming giant will become available for Foxtel subscribers as well.


Users could potentially search for content with their voice, according to a picture of the remote indicating the inclusion of a microphone. Lifehacker Australia has reached out to Foxtel to confirm the news.

Netflix Australia has more than 11 million subscribers as of March 2019, according to Roy Morgan, while Foxtel has nearly five million. Stan trails behind with 2.6 million subscribers.

” excerpt=”Netflix has become synonymous with streaming movies and TV shows easily and cheaply, but Australians have access to a wide range of services that do the same thing. So, which service is King?”]


  • I’m sure this is pleasing to Foxtel execs but to me it’s just another nail in their coffin. Netflix get access to whatever percentage of Foxtel subscirbers who don’t also have Netflix for whatever the price is per customers.

    This can only put pressure on Foxtel’s diminishing returns and promote a competitor’s platform, (likely) leading to higher charges to Foxtel subscribers. Win, win… for Netflix…

  • Foxtel don’t “design” these Boxes or remotes we get the 4 years later Sky+ boxes from the UK.
    The Old IQ Boxes we got they stopped using them after all the bugs in the IQ3 they didn’t even do IQ4.
    This fuctionality is the Sky Q boxes which support Foxtel + Netflix along with wifi streaming.

    Google Sky q

  • My current IQ4 remote has the same Netflix button, with Google Play where the TV Shows button is on the pictured remote, never pressed them though!

  • I placed a comment here yesterday, foolishly decided to edit it and it’s still awaiting moderation? Any wonder you’ve lost most of your commenters.

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