The Best Samsung Galaxy Phone For Every Type Of User

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Samsung is still the world’s best-selling smartphone maker. And that’s no surprise seeing they offer a smorgasbord of options ranging from high-end handsets through to productivity focussed devices and low-cost options for the more budget conscious.

Here are our personal picks for five different types of user. Below you’ll find information about each phone, the current asking price and the best available mobile plans for the base model.

Best all-rounder – Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10 comes in four main versions, the S10e, S10, S10+ and S10 5G. Each is pitched at a different price-point, with display size being the main way to tell them apart. But there are also some differences in camera specs while the S10 5G has a next-gen comms chip.

All of these should easily deliver at least a couple of years of great service and run the next couple of versions of Android as long as Samsung makes the updates available.

  • Galaxy S10e: from $999
  • Galaxy S10: from $1199 (add $250 for an upgrade to 512GB of storage from the default 128GB)
  • Galaxy S10+: from $1499 (upgrades to 512GB and 1TB from 128GB are also available for up to $900 extra)

You can buy the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ from the Samsung online store. The Galaxy S10 5G is available exclusively through Telstra at the moment.

Here are the cheapest mobile plans for the standard S10 model:

Best for business users – Samsung Galaxy Note9

Although it’s likely we’ll see the Galaxy Note10 appear soon, there’s no reason to not seek out a Note9. It’s a great device that adds Samsung’s S-Pen tech to a very powerful smartphone. That makes it a great device fro staying in touch as well as taking notes and other work-related tasks.

At $1499 from the Samsung Store, it sits in the middle of the current smartphone market based on price, but delivers a bevy of power features and great performance.

Here are the best available plans:

Best bang-for-buck – Samsung Galaxy S9

There’s an old saying that says the best time to buy technology is always tomorrow because the last generation of tech is always discounted. The Galaxy S9 range of smartphones are still excellent smartphones. And while they don’t boast the latest screen, processor and camera tech, they are well and truly good enough to get you through the next two or three years.

  • Galaxy S9: from $1199 (add $150 for an upgrade to 256GB of storage from the default 64GB)
  • Galaxy S9+: from $1349 (add $150 for an upgrade to 256GB of storage from the default 64GB)

You can buy the Galaxy S9 and S9+ from the Samsung online store.

Here are the best Galaxy S9 plans:

Best for clumsy/sporty types – Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Sadly, Samsung appears to have paused its Active range which were essentially rugged versions of its flagship handsets. If you require a phone that can survive some punishment, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is worthy of consideration. The sturdier casing and padded corners provide extra protection against screen, water and dust damage. It also comes with a larger battery.

Yes, this phone is getting old, but it will still comfortably run most Android apps and is a damn sight cheaper now than it was a launch. Amazon has it for just $480.

Best for keeping it simple – Samsung A Series

Samsung recently launched its new Galaxy A series of smartphones. These are focused on those who want a decent smartphone but don’t need or want all the bells and whistles. These are great if you need a second handset for when you travel, or to go with pre-paid SIM.

Pricing for the A Series starts at $379 for the Samsung Galaxy A30 or $549 for the Samsung Galaxy A50. There are also some great value plans available, which we’ve listed below.

Galaxy A50 plans

Galaxy A30 plans


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