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Samsung is investigating hardware issues with the Galaxy S9 and S9+ following numerous complaints from customers. According to S9 owners on Reddit and official Samsung forums, the smartphone's touchscreen suffers from ‘dead zones’ which makes it nigh-on impossible to operate. In addition, some users are reporting that calls keep dropping out. Here are the details.


With a refined build and improved camera, the Galaxy S9 shows that Samsung is still the company to beat when it comes to flagship Android smartphones. Here are all the ways it improves on its predecessor - and pretty much every other phone on the market.


Congratulations, new Samsung Galaxy S9 and/or S9+ owners! Now that you have your brand-new device (or are still refreshing its shipping status every five minutes while waiting for it to arrive), here are some of our favourite tips, tricks and tweaks you can use to get started.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ release today in Australia and they look pretty spectacular. You wouldn't want to get a little scratch on them would you? What about a tiny little dent in a corner?

Grubby fingers all over that AMOLED screen? No, no, no. You need to protect that thing. Here's some of the best cases for Samsung's latest.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 has landed in Australia and while cosmetically, it doesn't change the formula too much, under the hood it's got a lot going on and puts itself high on the list of Android devices that you should be looking at.

But is it worth your time? Let's find out.


Signing up for a Samsung Galaxy S9 plan will save you money in the short term - but you could end up paying much more over the life of the phone. When a huge new flagship comes out, we love to compare the prepaid and post-paid plans on offer to get you the best possible price. Here's our guide for the Samsung Galaxy S9.


Apps such as Twitter and Instagram allow you to be signed into two accounts at once, but if you want to use two different messaging clients on the same device you're often out of luck. In the case of things such as Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp, you have to sign out of one account in order to use another.


Samsung is touting the Galaxy S9 smartphone as a major reinvention. Mind you, it said the same thing about the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S7 before that. That's a suspicious amount of reinventing going on, major or otherwise.

So just how different is Samsung's current flagship compared to its predecessor? Is it worth the upgrade? Here are the specifications so you can judge for yourself.