New Leaked Photos Of The Samsung Galaxy S10 And S10+ (Compare Their Holes!)

Earlier this week we saw photos of what appeared to be a working Galaxy S10, leaked images showing off Samsung’s One UI operating system as well as the phone’s much-discussed hole punch camera. Now we have photos of Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ and, well, that’s not a hole. This is a hole.

We’re under a month out from the official launch of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ on February 21, which will take place less than a week before MWC 2019. However, despite the lack of details from Samsung thus far, rampant rumours and leaks have given us a fair idea of what to expect from South Korean tech giant’s next flagship phones.

Now we can add another piece of information onto the stack. Via Tom’s Guide, German website All About Samsung has shared leaked side-by-side photos of prototypes for the Samsung S10 and S10+. This means we can now compare the size of their holes, and it’s like that scene in The Meg where the big shark gets eaten by an even bigger shark.

While the S10 has one front-facing camera, the S10+’s hole makes room for two, providing better selfie quality but a bigger eyesore. People may eventually learn to live with it, but that’s dependent on it not turning them off buying the phone in the first place.

Fortunately, despite the larger cutout, the S10+ won’t end up with less screen space than the S10. The images show the S10+ to be larger than the S10, rumours putting their exact measurements at 6.4 inches and 6.1 inches respectively.

Both phones also have three cameras on the back, with slightly protruding casing.

The leaked photos further show both the S10 and S10+ to have a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom of the phone, to the left of a USB-C port. Samsung appears to be standing firm on the side of jacks despite many manufacturers’ move toward a jack-less future.

Like the Samsung S10 from earlier this week, both phones in the photos are running Samsung’s new operating system One UI, which is currently in beta.

For more photos, head to All About Samsung.


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