Report: Samsung Is Finally Dumping The Headphone Jack

Report: Samsung Is Finally Dumping The Headphone Jack
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According to new reports, Samsung is preparing to make a significant change to the Galaxy Note10 – a move that will likely define what we see in other devices from the Korean electronics giant moving forward. A number of familiar features are set to make way in the name of progress, including the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Android Police reports that sources have told them physical buttons will be a thing of the past, replaced by pressure sensitive areas around the device’s edges. Actual buttons will be replaced with a slight bump or change in texture that you can feel.

From a design perspective, that makes some sense. The removal of a mechanical button removes a component that can fail and it makes the appearance of the device look more streamlined. Given that front-facing home buttons have been disappearing from devices over the last couple of years, this isn’t a surprising move although I really hate that there’s no physical power button. It means that a software glitch could stop you from powering down your device unless you remember some arcane sequence of actions.

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The loss of the 3.5mm headphone port has been on the cards for a while and while that’s likely to piss a lot of people off, there’s been an inexorable move towards to death of the trusty old headphone jack. Although, interestingly, Apple retained it with the recent iPad mini update, saying many customers relied on it.

If the Galaxy Note10 dumps the headphone jack, it’s a fair bet the Galaxy S10 was the last generation of Samsung’s flagship smartphone to boast that port.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note10 is expected to be announced in August this year.


  • The iPad, and laptop, are quite different from the iPhone in how they are used by music professionals. So it’s obvious they would keep the headphone jack. For now.

    It was also obvious that Samsung would eventually follow Apple, and others, in removing it from their phones. Only the naive would believe otherwise.

    • So they need to add a second USB Type C port so I can use headphones and charge it at the same time. Or listen to audio while watching content on a USB stick plugged into the phone.

      Frankly I’d prefer they kept the audio jack. It’s a reliable technology that just works. As cool as wireless headphones are they can be a pain for a variety of reasons and I have yet to see decent *cheap* USB headphones gaining traction.

      As for the buttons. Not sure about the lack of physical (or rather mechanical) buttons being a good thing. I’ve seen other devices with non-mechanical buttons where the pseudo buttons have failed. And as the article points out what do you do if they’re effectively software buttons and you have no way to turn the device off during a crash. That said, it’ll probably make water-proofing the device easier.

  • Some of us use the 3.5mm jack for things other than headphones and these do not lend themselves to either wireless or USB-C alternatives.
    I use mine to connect to and control a DSLR camera, and also to connect the phone to my (albeit elderly) car stereo.

    Don’t do it, Sammy!

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