What To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

The long weekends may have passed but there’s still some time to Netflix and chill over the next couple of days. Here are some of the best movies and TV shows to binge on this weekend.

Star Trek: Discovery

Now that all of series two has aired, you can sit back and watch every episode of this brilliant addition to the Star Trek universe. The season starts with Discovery encountering the USS Enterprise, under the leadership of Captain Christopher Pike. With nods to some Original Series episodes such as The Cage, there’s something for fans old and new in this series.


Lunatics is the story of six characters coming to terms with themselves and the world around them. Starring Chris Lilley in all six main roles of a Pet Psychologist to the stars, a Real Estate Entrepreneur, a cutting edge Fashion Designer, a budding Museum Owner, an arts and crafts Influencer, and the future Earl of Gayhurst.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning was one of the first African-American superheroes to come from the DC universe. As a meta human with the ability to channel lightning, this version of Black Lightning is a school principal who gets dragged back into action and deals with teenage daughters exhibiting powers of their own.

Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce

If you’re into Queen Bey, then this look into her 2018 Coachella performance is just for you.

The Beguiled

With an all-star cast including Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning, this Sofia Coppola written and directed story deals with the unexpected arrival of a wounded Union soldier at a girls school in Virginia during the American Civil War. His appearance leads to jealousy and betrayal.


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