Bad News, Game Of Thrones Fans: Foxtel Has Extended Its Deal With HBO

If you're one of the people who complains about the fact that the only legal way to watch Game Of Thrones at the time of original broadcast in Australia is to pay for a Foxtel subscription, time to get your whine on again. Foxtel has extended its partnership with HBO, which produces Game Of Thrones, so it doesn't look like there will be any change to that arrangement in the foreseeable future.

Many Aussie fans were annoyed last year when individual episodes of Game Of Thrones stopped being offered on iTunes in their week of broadcast — an unusual arrangement which no-one else in the world had ever enjoyed. While Foxtel has fast-tracked the broadcasting of each episode, some fans would still prefer to pay for individual episodes rather than a broader pay TV subscription. Dream on, people — it ain't gonna happen.


    Sneaky way around it:

    Or you just, you know... set sail. (And/or buy the season after the exclusivity bullshit wears off)

      HBO will be offering a streaming only service in the US in 2015 ( so there will be a direct way to access content through a VPN without borrowing someone else's account.

    +1 for the GIF....

    -10 to Foxtel for being... well... themselves!

    Foxtel has extended its partnership with HBO

    In other news, it was announced today that hundreds of thousands of Australians have extended their partnership with BitTorrent.

    I can just see the headlines for next year when GOT season 5 is airing " Australia tops the highest percentage of piracy rates for Game Of Thrones" ...

    it must mean piracy is not a problem....... Im fairly sure everyone who will pirate game of thrones did on the last season.........if Foxtel are doing it again then they must have made money so pirate away pirates, there is enough people buying game of thrones to keep everyone paid.

    Just lurves me some VPN..! :)
    Also, when is Netflix coming here..?

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      I don't think it really matters. Unless they give us the same content at the same price as the US offering (and what do you reckon the chances of that are?), then I'll just stick to the US one.

    It's technically good news. Now pirating of Game of Thrones only impacts Foxtel and not Game of Thrones because Foxtel has already paid them!

    Bad News Foxtel Fans: Customers have extended their contract with Bittorrent.

    Pro tip: frootvpn is a free VPN service, based in Sweden. They keep no logs of any kind and the download speeds are pretty darn decent for a VPN.

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