Eight Ways To Get ‘Double Whammy’ Discounts

In the hallowed words of Kramer on Seinfeld: “RRP” is for suckers! Here are eight proven ways to score a “double whammy” discount – whether you’re shopping in-store or online.

Kathy Sheeran is the author of Shopping Confessions and one of Australia’s leading shopping experts, whether it be online or at the register. We asked the self-described “shopping queen” to share her best bargain-hunting strategies with Lifehacker readers. According to Sheeran, it’s possible to capitalises on shopping sales via “double whammy” discounts to get up to 80 per cent off new stock.

If you feel like you aren’t getting the best deal at the cash register, the following tips should lead to a significantly better outcome.

#1 Get retailers to ‘price beat’, not just ‘price match’

“Most consumers don’t realise that retailers will not only price match but price beat by up to 10%. Always ask the question.”

#2 Use a cashback website during sales

“My favourite double whammy of all. Just shop at regular online retailers, except via a cashback website like Cashrewards.com.au. I use it for practically everything including groceries, pet food, clothes, alcohol and gifts. I treat it as a little savings account for Christmas.”

#3 Timing is everything

“Sales are the norm these days. I’m seeing a lot of big discounts on already marked down prices. Weekends are good for this and seasonal trends also play a part – you can always rely on some huge savings in the lead-up to summer.”

#4 Maximise your VIP privileges

“I strongly recommend to sign up for your favourite retailers VIP lists, not only will you be the first to know when there’s a sale but you can get vouchers for your birthday, etc. Keep these and use at sale time for a further saving.”

#5 Get yourself an AmEx card

“Amex offer great deals. Spend $350 at Harvey Norman and get $50 back as a statement credit. I only suggest paying with your Amex if you are going to pay it back within the statement period.”

#6 Use special offers during sales

“A lot of online stores offer you a discount for first time purchase. I recently purchased a pair of shoes from Farfetch, I received 10 per cent for first time purchase and for shopping via Cashrewards I received a 6 per cent cashback.”

#7 Purchase discounted retailer gift cards – and use them at sales

“Keep an eye out for discounted Woolworths gift cards on daily deal sites like Groupon which sometimes offer up to 10 per cent off. You can also get 5 per cent off via Cash Rewards. You can use your Woolworths card to purchase petrol from Caltex together with any coupons you may have which in effect gives you a double whammy discount. You can also use the card at Dan Murphy’s, Big W and of course any retailer within the Woolworths Group.”

#8 Use a coupon during sales

“If shopping online always google the retailers name and the word ‘coupons’ to see if any discount codes are available. You will be surprised. Could be anything from free shipping to a further discount!”

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