Online Coupon Codes Don’t Always Show Up On Your Mobile Device

Online Coupon Codes Don’t Always Show Up On Your Mobile Device

When you shop online, there’s a good chance the retailer is offering some sort of promo code, and they will often tell you what it is in big bold letters directly on the site. However, this code doesn’t always show up on your mobile device.

Photo by JESHOOTS.

Paribus is an (unfortunately American) service that tracks your online purchases and automatically refunds you if something you’ve bought drops in price. At any rate, they were looking over their data and noticed that one user, who happened to be a doorman, had significantly more refunds than others, because he was never taking advantage of coupon codes. In a blog post, they write:

It didn’t make sense — these promo codes were obvious. HUGE banners at the top of every page. Why was he missing these? When we met up it hit us. He worked on his feet all day, and he only shopped on his phone. That was his main computer. On phones, Banana Republic was not displaying any discount codes. He had no way to see the codes. He had no idea he was being charged 40% more than everyone else.

The lesson here? If you’re shopping on a phone or a tablet, you could be missing out on some obvious savings. It’s easy enough to use coupon codes when you’re on a desktop because they show up, but mobile users are left in the dark. So if you’re mobile shopping, it’s worth a quick search for a promo code. Paribus’s full blog post is a pretty interesting read, too. Check it out at the link below.

The double whammy of being poor — making less and getting charged more [The Paribus Blog]