UltraViolet is Closing Down

The movie industry's answer to video on demand services, iTunes, Google Play and other convenient ways to watch movies, UltraViolet, is being shut down. Users will have received an email over the last day or so telling them the service will be shutting down on 31 July 2019. Here's what you need to do if you have content stored with UltraViolet.

Any movies and TV shows you have stored in your library will be accessible until 31 July this year. After that, you will still have access to the movies but they won't all be in one place. Instead, you'll need to go to the individual studio sites that you linked to UltraViolet back when you added movies to the service.

This is done though UltraViolet Retailer Services. It's important to not unlink those movies retailers from your UltraViolet account as you could lose access to your movies if you do that.

Chances are that any movies you might have on UltraViolet needed up there because you used a download code from a movie or show you purchased on DVD or Blu-ray. So, it's unlikely that you'll totally lose access.

If you have any unredeemed UltraViolet codes in your DVD/Blu-ray library you can still redeem them. The movies will be available from the retailer you purchased through. So, for example, movies produced by Sony will be available through Sony's online library service.

I just checked my UltraViolet and it has just five movies and all are available on streaming services or from the shelf of movies that I rarely go to in the corner of the lounge room.

Will the demise of UltraViolet mean anything to you?


    My first thought was that service would have a very short shelf-life. I tried to redeem a code once and it simply didn't work, and I got no response from their support people.

    Thereafter I have simply avoided discs with a UV price premium.

    It was always a pretty sub-par service anyway, nothing was ever unified, you had to hop from one service to the other to play your movie. Plus there was no option to stream it to a Chromecast or Apple TV, just felt like a gimmicky addon to a Bluray purchase. Always thought it would have been better for the studios to team up with Apple iTunes and provide the digital download from there, at least you know that library isn't going anywhere in the short term.

    And now going in to "link my libraries" with the studio services, doesn't seem to be doing much. Not really worth my time.

    I used Flixster to manage my UV library until they closed down but by then I had really stopped redeeming codes. They either wouldn't work or weren't honoured when I contacted support. And, I always figured it was a garbage service created to weaken the iTunes Digital Copy space which is where I saw great value in buying the slightly more expensive disc + Digital Copy packs.

    I have 19 TV Seasons of various shows and 11 movies in my UV Library (there were a few more earlier but some studios expired the access after a few years so it was never a permanent access) but it looks like my account can only link to US Retailers and they look like a bust so I guess they are gone.

    I can probably shred the dozen of so un-redeemed ones I still have sitting here.

    This just further solidifies my opinion that if it isn't physical media or something I can download locally and manage it's vapourware and I shouldn't spend any money on it.

    This is the first time I've ever heard of it. No loss here.

    Long time digital hoarder. Plan was on downsize or retirement, storage of media and just stream. It was great early on when titles were iTunes (just works!). Current have total of 298 titles (75 iTunes, 175 UV and 18 Google Play). Purchased Android/Apple hardware to support all this and with a little sideload magic for the providers apps and a USB keyboard = all works well.... Until...…
    So UV left in Australia was a mix (now down to Flixster and Sony in Australia). Some titles are already dead that are not on one of these services that is left. In USA looks like Disney comes to the rescue, but Australia - looks like forget it.....
    So.……. 175 UV titles. 40 are Sony and probably remain accessible. So at an est $5 per title on the price of DVD/BluRay, losing 135 titles is around $675 in my estimation. Doubt that Warner/Universal/Roadshow will make good on that. Kind of reverse gouging I say.
    Having lost a digital magazine library already (business taken over - new app update published wiping out years of purchases) I would say we need be very mindful that the companies say you can only access while they are happy to let you. So buyer beware - digital purchases can be wiped away without recourse - especially if you are an Aussie and subject to geo-sin by being denied access to the global marketplace.....

    In Australia Flixster has been the only streaming option since JB HiFi and EzyDVD closed down years ago.
    My 60 UV movies still stream but will be inaccessible if/when Flixster closes.
    Surely this is a fraud by the UV movie studios on customers who paid the extra for disc + UV.
    UV should replace UV versions of movies with Google Play or iTunes versions or credits.

    This is what Flixster told me when I asked about ultraviolet shutting down

    A plan is being developed to enable Flixster Video users to transition their video collections to another digital video service later this year, after which Flixster Video will be shut down.

    More details will be shared as they become available. Until then, Flixster Video users are encouraged to make sure their Flixster Video accounts are linked and remain linked to their UltraViolet libraries, to ensure that their video collections are up to date. For further information, please see the UltraViolet FAQ.

    WB Digital Support (apparently for UltraViolet, Flixster and Warner Bros) sent me the same response as Masked werter above advising transition of titles to another digital video service and closure of Flixster later this year.
    They then updated this advice to "We will transfer your library over to Google Play in the upcoming months. This will allow your UV titles to be played back once Flixster is shut down."
    So they intend to honour their responsibilities.
    Google Play is OK by me and the sooner the better.
    A few of my UV titles will no longer stream and no UV titles will now download to my PC.

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