Ultraviolet Is As Good As Dead

Ultraviolet Is As Good As Dead

Remember UltraViolet? It was a cloud-based video distribution service championed by JB Hi-Fi, EzyFlix and others. It allowed you to watch digital versions of DVDs and Blu-rays on a range of compatible devices via redeemable download codes. After limping along for five years, JB Hi-Fi has quietly shut down its NOW Video service. Here’s what you need to do to if you want to keep watching your movies.

UltraViolet gave users the ability to stream and download purchased content to multiple platforms and devices. When you bought a movie or TV show from a participating retailer, you received a proof-of-purchase code which added the corresponding move/TV show to your UltraViolet Collection. You then had the option to stream it over the internet or download it for offline viewing on your hardware platform of choice.

From April 13, Ultraviolet fans will need to download the Flixter app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and link it to your UltraViolet account. With the departure of JB Hi-Fi NOW Video, this is the only way to watch and redeem Ultraviolet content in Australia.

The rise of Netflix and other all-you-can-eat streaming services has rendered VOD downloads more or less redundant. Judging by JB Hi-Fi’s decision to shut down the service, it would seem most customers weren’t bothering to use the codes.

In the US, most major movie studios still support the service, including Sony, Warner Bros, Lionsgate and Paramount. (A notable exception is Disney.) In other words, Ultraviolet fans can still use the service if they really want to – but availability within Australia is definitely drying up.

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  • UV is as good as dead?? That’s comical. Just because some obscure service shut down that nobody used is no reason to deduce that UV is going away anytime soon. More popular UV providers such as Vudu and Flixster/FandangoNOW are still very much alive and proof that UV is here to stay. Plus, with rumors of future adoption by Amazon and Google Play, UV still has a bright future ahead of it.

  • Ultraviolet in Australia can only be accessed through Flixster Video from 13 April 2017 when JB Hifi NOW closes. EzyFlix closed some years ago. Australia does not have Vudu or Fandago or Amazon. If Flixster Video closed in Australia (as in the USA where Flixster Video closed down and transferred clients to Fandango) there would be no way to play Ultraviolet copies in Australia bought from JB Hifi and Sanity. If future Blu Ray discs came with a Google Play license (as some from Disney and Marvel already do) and Google Play took over my 50+ Ultraviolet licenses (half will not even Chromecast) I would not miss Ultraviolet. Bring it on.

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