Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Just because you’ve waited until the very last minute doesn’t mean you don’t care. Well, it kind of does – but your better half doesn’t need to know that. Here are some quick-fix Valentine’s Day gifts that should help to keep you out of the dog house.

Grab an Adrenalin gift card

A perfect gift for the partner that craves excitement — Adrenalin has a huge range of adventure experiences ranging from SCUBA diving to helicopter flights. While it’s probably too late to get the express-delivered gift box version, there’s an option to buy online vouchers which you can print out and put in a card.

You could also try out the similar Red Balloon, which has a selection of less hectic options. You can buy these cards from a range of Australian retailers, including Big W, K Mart, Target, Australia Post, Coles and Woolworths.

Subscribe to Spotify Premium

If your partner has a standard Spotify account, order them a premium subscription for all their music-listening needs. Not only will it get rid of the ads, but it gives them higher-quality audio and lets them listen on their iPhone or Android phone.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Spotify has also introduced a “Love Notes” tool which allows you to send your Valentine a personalised playlist with a secret message hidden within the titles of the songs. Sometimes sappy works. Click here to send a playlist.

Hit An Escape Room Together

If you’re not sure about your significant other, this could be a great test! Sydney’s biggest escape room company is The Mystery Puzzle. For non-Sydneysiders, there are plenty of escape rooms around the country – hit up Google and see what you can find!

Find a love nest on Airbnb

Booking a last-minute dirty weekend could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift; especially if it’s been ages since you last got away. Airbnb has plenty of romantic cottages and makeshift love-nests among its listings. Click here to start searching.

Get Airtasker to sort it out

Airtasker is an online crowdsourcing service that lets you advertise bespoke tasks to “runners” who will then carry it out for a small fee. If you don’t have time to pick up roses and chocolates, jump on the site and pay someone else to do it for you.

Cheap Roses At Aldi

It’s Valentine’s Day! Crap! If you’ve left your gift buying to the last minute, Aldi is currently selling 50 stemmed red roses for $49.99. That’s under $1 a rose!

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