How To Get The Samsung Galaxy S10 Early

How To Get The Samsung Galaxy S10 Early
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The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be announced officially on February 20, with the phone shipping into retail stores a few weeks later. Don’t wanna wait that long? There’s a way to jump the queue and snag your S10 up to a week early. Here’s how it’s done.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Specs And Release Date Revealed

Samsung has announced it will be unveiling a range of smartphones on February 20 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The confirmed date means it will sneaking in with its big reveal a week before Mobile World Congress in a move that will have its rivals scrambling for coverage in the lead up to the world's main mobile tech event.

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If you’re keen to lay your hands on the Galaxy S10 before anyone else, pre-order it. This can be done shortly after the launch announcement; either on Samsung Australia’s website or through your telco of choice. It really is as simple as that!

As with Samsung’s previous flagship phones, the S10 is likely to reach pre-order customers up to a week before its release date. Here’s what Samsung said during the S9 launch, and there’s no reason to believe this year’s handset will be any different:

Customers who pre-order in the first few days of the pre-order period could receive their bundle a week early, making them among the first in the world to receive Samsung’s innovative new smartphone.

Receiving the Samsung Galaxy S10 a week early isn’t just about bragging rights – it also means you can get the jump on everyone else when it comes to selling your old phone. In the weeks that follow, hundreds of S10 owners will be looking to offload their previous handsets. This will likely drive prices down due to the influx of available phones on the secondhand market.

By putting your listing up on eBay or Gumtree a week early, you should be able to net up to $200 extra compared to the weeks that follow. (This is assuming your phone is in good nick and not too old, of course.)

As an added bonus, pre-ordering should mean you get a free accessory of some kind. For example, the Galaxy S9 came with a Galaxy Tab A 8.0 tablet and a wireless charging dock. (You can redeem any pre-order freebies via most retailers, Samsung’s website or your telco of choice.)

You can register your interest with Samsung now to ensure you’re first in line when preorders open.

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