Leaked: Google Pixel 4, Pixel Lite And Pixel Watch

It’s been a while since we’ve had any product leaks from Google. But as the adage goes – when it rains, it pours.

A report on Nikkei Asian Review has revealed Google’s entire product lineup for 2019, including two new Pixel phones, an upgraded Google Home and the first Pixel Watch. Here are the details.

Nikkei Asian Review spoke to unnamed “industry sources” who revealed a cavalcade of Google products that are currently in the pipeline. First and foremost among these is the Pixel 4 although predictably, no concrete details were given about this product. The source also confirmed the existence of the Pixel 3 Lite – a cheaper variant of Google’s current Pixel range that we’ve talked about before.

The company will also be releasing an updated Google Home smart speaker, Google-branded web cameras created by Nest Labs and a new wearable. According to Nikkei’s source, the latter is a smartwatch
that will compete with the Apple Watch.

With the possible exception of the Pixel Watch, there aren’t really any surprises here. The original Google Home has been crying out for an upgrade for quite some time, while an annual smartphone refresh is par for the course. More camera products from Nest, which Google owns, is also a no-brainer.

Of the above products, we’re probably most intrigued by the Pixel 3 Lite. If Google can get the size and pricing right, old school Nexus fans will be very happy.

You can read the full report at the link below.

[Via Nikkei Asian Review]


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