How To Watch The Google Pixel 2 Event In Australia

How To Watch The Google Pixel 2 Event In Australia
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Google unomorrowPixel 2 and a raft of new Google devices at a major event this morning. If you’re all about the Notorious-and-Big G, then If you’re in Australia, hou’re how to catch everything as it happens

n and see just what they have in store. Here’s the full presentation.

Where Is the Google Pixel 2 Event Being Held?

Google will be holding a press event in San Francisco, USA, the city by the bay, which means that Australians have to contend with that almighty time-zone difference. Prepare your morning coffee or tea accordingly.

When Is The Google Pixel 2 Event?

The Google Event will be live on October 4 from 9am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), exactly one year after they unveiled the original Google Pixel. If you’re looking at watching it in Australia, then that’s a brisk, early start at 3am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), October 5 . Here are the dates and times in each Australian capital city:

  • Perth, WA: 12am, October 5
  • Darwin, NT: 1:30am, October 5
  • Brisbane, QLD: 2am, October 5
  • Adelaide, SA: 2:30am, October 5
  • Sydney, NSW: 3am, October 5
  • Canberra, ACT: 3am, October 5
  • Melbourne, VIC: 3am, October 5
  • Hobart, TAS: 3am, October 5

How To Watch The Google Pixel Event Online

This is Google we’re talking about and they own the behemoth that is YouTube so you will be able to stream the entire event for free through their YouTube channel. No matter what platform you’re using, it will be easy to get your eyes on Google’s latest, or you could just set up a bookmark for this little guide, come back early on Thursday morning and click play on the video below. Too easy!

What To Expect From The Google Pixel 2 Event

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While the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL are certainties to be revealed on Thursday morning, Google is also likely to reveal a few other products that will get heads talking.

The Google Home Mini, a trimmed down version of the Home, is likely to be unveiled, as will an updated version of Google’s VR headset – the Daydream. No word on how the new headset will differ from the first yet, but a few leaked images seem to suggest that there will be, at the very least, multiple colours. It also appears that Google will be getting back into the Chromebook game in a big way with a ‘Pixelbook’ reveal coming too.

Lifehacker Australia will be providing extensive coverage of the Google event on the Thursday, so you can be sure you don’t miss any of the big reveals. Stay tuned!


  • I have a Pixel and I am thinking about replacing it with the Pixel 2. But I don’t need an ‘event’. I will just go into a phone shop (not at lunchtime!) and ask a sales assistant. What does an event do? Who is it aimed at? Is it worth the money for Google (HTC, LG etc) or is it merely justifying the salaries in the marketing department?

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