The Internet Reacts To Scott Morrison’s ‘#Shoegate’ Scandal

The Internet Reacts To Scott Morrison’s ‘#Shoegate’ Scandal
Image: via Twitter

It’s fair to say that governing a country is hard. There’s a budget to manage against multiple competing interests, borders to keep safe and then there’s the most important thing of all: Photoshopping shoes on your holiday snaps.

Our tax dollars were recently put to work in the PM’s graphics department with his slightly grubby sneakers replaced by a pair of no-name white shoes in a family portrait. The photo was then uploaded to the prime minister’s official website. (Not to be confused with his personal website, which was hilariously hijacked by an online troll after he forgot to renew the domain name.)

The fact that “shoegate” even happened yesterday is pretty ridiculous. For a start, does anyone at the PM’s department know about Google Image Search? It took an enterprising Twitter user very little time to track down the original, unedited image.

The fact that the edited image gave the PM two left feet was also laughable.

The PM has seen the funny side of this and responded to the confected controversy, saying he’d prefer the graphics team worked on restoring his hairline rather than footwear.

On the serious side, Google Image Search makes it pretty easy to check when an image has been altered.

In this case, the edit was pretty amateurish. It looks like the PM has two left feet – which is never a good look for a politician – and the editing is somewhat clumsy too. Surely it would have been easier to review the strips and recolour the shoes to clean them up instead of the somewhat ham-fisted job they went with. At least the internet was amused:


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