Report: The Next iPhone Max Will Be Crazily Thin

Image: Business Insider

2019 is set to be the year Android phones finally get exciting again. True edge-to-edge displays, folding form factors and 5G functionality are just a few of the innovations set to appear for the first time.

Now, a report from Korea suggests Apple could be working on something equally groundbreaking: an ultra-light iPhone Max with an integrated touch display.

ETNews reports that Apple plans to ditch the touch-sensitive layer from its iPhone displays in 2019. This will be achieved via a new touch-integrated flexible OLED panel - which should result significantly thinner devices.

According to the report, the 'Y-OCTA' touch-integrated OLEDs are being developed and manufactured by Samsung. As 9to5Mac notes, this appears to be a strategic move on Samsung's part to retain Apple's business. (Samsung currently provides Apple with iPhone displays but the company is allegedly looking to change suppliers.)

When you consider the fact that Apple's handsets are already among the thinnest on the market, the switch to an integrated display could result in a very eye-catching design.

However, to get the super-thin iPhone you will need to pay a premium (natch.) According to ETNews, initial supplies of the new OLED are expected to be limited. In other words, it will likely only appear on flagship models, such as the 2019 equivalent of the iPhone Max XS. Tch.

[Via ETNews]


    does anyone besides these wankfest companies actually care about having an ultra thin phone? or edge to edge displays?

      I agree, chasing thin-ness seems to be pointless.

      My current iPhone 6S is 3-4x thinner as my Nokia 5110 and I still considered that old phone pocket-sized.

      And bezels help fat fingered people like myself from triggering actions whilst simply attempting to hold the phone.

      I still think my S7 Edge is the perfect form factor. 16/9 screen, 5.5 inch screen, thick enough to be dropped and have a decent battery life, headphone socket, sd slot. Fingerprint on front with 3 buttons, waterproof, it's perfect for me! Don't want an upgrade as I'd have to make comprimises.

      Ultra thin = poor battery, less slots, more breakable.

      Edge to edge = weird notches or aspect ratios, more droppable!

    I would seriously prefer all the manufacturers make there glass an extra 0.5mm thicker so the gorilla glass is actually thick enough that it doesn't break when dropped from 1.5m onto a hard floor,

    The glass manufacturers for years have specified thicknesses and radius's to make near indestructible glass screens, and every time the phone manufacturers essentially half it.

    I want a a phone as thin as this shaped like a Ninja star so I can throw it around. Please?

    Make an iPhone in the 4s form factor with modern hardware.

    Call it the iPhone classic.

    Instant billions.

      Loved my 4s. I think they perfected the iphone with that model.

        You should look up how to downgrade it to iOS 6. It makes it run like a dream. iOS 8 and 9 ruined the 4s

        4s was also the last phone Jobs had input in. After that, it was all about going as thin as possible without thinking about the consequences. iOS 6 was also the last iOS iteration that jobs designed.

    It won't be THAT thin (as in the picture).

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