This Week, Take Your Allotted Lunch Break

This Week, Take Your Allotted Lunch Break
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How often do you take your allotted lunch break? If you’re anything like the 1253 Australian workers surveyed by recruitment agency Hays, the vast majority of you don’t. And that’s despite most of the people agreeing that not taking a break was bad for productivity.

According to the survey just over a quarter of us take our designated lunch break with about half taking part of the break time. About one in thirteen of us never take a break.

Completely contradicting the behaviour is an understanding that breaks are a good thing and boost our alertness on the job. About two-thirds agreed that lunch away from the desk helps keep people fresh as well as short breaks for fresh air, taking time away from devices and simply spending some time looking away from a screen.

Next time you suffer a mid-afternoon drop in energy, think abut whether you took a lunch break. If you didn’t – that’s likely the reason.

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