What Is The Main Source Of Employee Burnout?

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More than 90% of workers, according to a recent survey of over 9000 employees of major tech companies say burnout is a major problem at their workplace. The research, conducted by TeamBlind, looked into what the main causes of employee burnout are with most citing systemic. Orgnsational issues as core problems. Here's what the researchers found.

Almost one in five of the respondents said having too much work was a major issue. However, almost as many said a "toxic work culture" was a problem with over 15% saying a "Lack of control and career growth" was significant.

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But the biggest issue, noted by over 22%, was "Poor leadership and unclear direction". At Amazon, this jumped to almost 27% of responders. It was also the biggest issue at Microsoft although "toxic work culture" was only marginally behind. More than a third of Ebay staff who responded to the survey said "Poor leadership and unclear direction" was the main reason for employee burnout.

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While it's likely that we all face periods when we're overloaded at work or decisions from the higher-ups frustrate us, burnout is about more than a bad day or busy week. When someone is suffering from burnout, they are at a heightened level of stress and their health and wellness, as well as their workplace productivity, suffer. That leads to increased costs for businesses so it makes sense to manage people more effectively so they are able to maintain a healthy balance.


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