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Once confined almost entirely to seafaring vessels, mutinies were later co-opted by writers of all sorts of science-fiction. We've seen them in everything from Star Trek to Star Wars, but one real life mutiny has actually occurred in space. So what did the mutineers do? They turned off all the comms for a day and watched the world go by, literally.


Feeling “burnt out” is a pretty common phrase in daily parlance, but we’re starting to learn more about its longer-term destructive effects. Sufferers of 'burnout' often describe feeling exhausted and disconnected, and as though they’re “going through the motions” without motivation or meaning. So what can we do about it?


I know, you're busy and you have work to do, but you also need to take some time off to recharge those batteries. So, should you plan one big holiday for the year? Or should you sparse out your days for multiple holidays throughout? Quantity can sometimes beat quality.


Fatigue is usually a problem we associate with jobs like truck driving or nursing, where physical demands and 24-hour rosters must be tightly monitored. In the corporate world, fatigue gets swept under the rug; it’s just part of the game.

But left unaddressed over a prolonged period, and combined with other stress factors, this can lead to burnout - a more serious problem that can cause long term psychological damage. Here are five warning signs that employers and workers need to watch out for - and how to fix existing problems.


Employee burnout is like a virus you can catch at work. Anyone is susceptible to catching this bug. It comes on gradually and before you know it, you’re down for the count. Thankfully, it's possible to take preventative steps before it's too late.


Perfectionism is often treated as a virtue -- especially in the workplace -- but research shows that the self-imposed pressure perform flawlessly just leads to eventual burnout. Perfection simply isn't how you should measure success.


Most people I know who work full-time jobs get to work early and leave late more often than not. November 24 is Go Home On Time Day, which is the ideal reason to actually finish when you're supposed to finish.