Vodafone Launches New $10 Pre-Paid Plans

Vodafone has replaced their existing data and talk plans with six new pre-paid plans. The kicker is the new entry level plan. At just $10, it costs less than a combo meal at your local fast-food outlet. The new plans are combined under the Vodafone Combo Plus banner.

Combo Plus plans from $40 and above come with more data than the old plans as well as “infinite” talk and text. They include 35 day expiry and international minutes, which are split up into two zones and cover 90 countries, to more countries than before.

The $10, $20 and $60 plans aren’t immediately on the website as you need an existing Vodafone SIM to access them which you can purchase for as low as $1. A Vodafone spokesperson told me this has always been the case for these price points as they are recharge options for existing customers.

The company says India, New Zealand and China are the three most called destinations using Vodafone’s pre-paid international minutes. Customers will now have up to 2000 included minutes to call these countries.

Vodafone’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ben McIntosh, says “We’ve looked at what our customers use most and we’ve simplified our pre-paid plans to include more data and international call minutes to more destinations than ever before”.

The biggest bargain of the lot is the $40 Combo Plus Starter Pack. It’s on sale at the moment for just $20 and includes 17GB of data and unlimited local calls and text as well as up to 500 minutes of overseas calls depending on where you call.

$30 gets you 6GB of data and $50 boosts that to 30GB.

McIntosh goes thorough the details of the new plans and implications for existing customers in a blog post.


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