The Ultimate Horror Roundup For Friday The 13th

The Ultimate Horror Roundup For Friday The 13th
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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Friday the 13th, which means you’re obligated to sit down tonight with your friends or family and scare yourself silly. Luckily for you, we’ve collected some great recommendations for all the kinds of horror you would want to indulge in.

All this week, I’ve been sharing some of my top horror recommendations for anyone who’s still trying to decide what they want to watch, read or play next. You can find all of them here:

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The Ten Scariest Creepypastas On The Internet

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Hopefully somewhere in there is something you’re keen to get stuck into tonight, but how prepared are you for the other minutiae of putting on a horror night? Here’s some of Lifehacker’s best horror-related advice from the archives:

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Halloween is the best holiday; this is a fact. Kids get to dress up like minions or a Frozen or whatever, stay out late and -- unless their neighbours hand out toothpaste, an act somehow not punishable by law -- eat a truly unconscionable amount of lollies. Adults can do all of the above and get drunk while watching horror movies, which is my preferred way to observe the day.

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How To Watch Scary Movies With Someone Who's A Total Wuss

Photo by AJB Photography (thebarrowboy).</p> <p>Watching a horror flick with a scaredy cat can be a major bummer for both parties, but it doesn't have to be that way. These tips will make all that horror more digestible for your fearful friends and family.

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So tonight: have fun, sleep tight, don’t let the monster under your bed bite!


  • I have two lists of suggestions. The first is for non-horror fans so it’s entirely horror-comedy. That way if you’re a horror buff you can sneak some past your scaredy cat friends 🙂

    1. Shaun of the Dead
    2. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil
    3. Zombieland
    4. Tremors
    5. Slither
    6. Bloodsucking Bastards
    7. Army of Darkness (I’d suggest Evil Dead 2, but AoD is more comedy oriented).
    8. Lesbian Vampire Killers
    9. Cabin in the Woods
    10. Grabbers

    And just great horror movies in general. A couple newish and some classic.

    1. The Thing (Carpenter one not the sequel)
    2. Alien (Aliens is great too, but more action than horror)
    3. Friday the 13th (of course)
    4. Halloween (original not the more recent ones)
    5. Jeepers Creepers
    6. Sinister
    7. Insidious
    8. Ravenous (could almost go into the comedy list, but it’s a dark comedy)
    9. Dog Soldiers
    10. The Descent

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