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Ari Aster's Hereditary has been rightly hailed as one of the greatest and scariest horror films of all time. With that said, its deeply disturbing ending has left more than a few moviegoers scratching their heads in confusion. Just what the hell is going on?


Some people enjoy a good scare, but could do without all the spurting claret. If you're sick to death of so-called "torture porn" movies, this list of violence-lite chillers will provide the willies you crave without grossing you out in the process.


You know that creepy urban legend you heard about that thing in your town? Yeah, someone is probably telling that very same story in another part of the country right now. Here's why everybody seems to know the same spooky stories, no matter where they are.


It's that special time of year again when everyone is looking for a good scary story. And though podcasts more often conjure up the images of gentle interviews with creative types and soothing NPR voices, more shows are moving into the territory of old-school radio plays, producing unsettling (and addictive) stories from true crime to horror. I hope you brought an extra pair of pants, 'cause these podcasts bring the terror.


"I don't like scary stuff," you tell people -- as if it's an allergy of some kind. You won't go to haunted houses, you wouldn't dream of playing the new Resident Evil, and your fingers are perpetually crossed in the hope your moviegoing friends won't pick a horror flick. Well, what if I told you scaring yourself is actually good for your mind, body and soul?