Five Things From Google’s Cloud Next Event That Will Make A Difference

Five Things From Google’s Cloud Next Event That Will Make A Difference
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Google Cloud Next is in progress with the search and cloud giant, and its partners, announcing lots of new products and services as well as significant updates to existing tools we use. Here are five of the highlights.

#1 Dropbox For Gmail Add-In

Dropbox has announced a new add-in that lets you find and share files from your Dropbox without leaving GMail. And when you send a link to a file in Dropbox, the receiver will be able to access it without installing any extra software.

Image: Dropbox

#2 Gmail Gets More Security Features

While Google has done a great job at winning over private email users, its track record with large corporates has been spotty. And some of the big wins announced when it first launched into enterprise cloud services have been lost as customers turned to other platforms.

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But that’s changing with a number of new Gmail security features that help protect businesses from email fraud attacks and the ability to block message copying and forwarding so users are less likely to accidentally share sensitive data.

#3 Contact Centre Integration Gets Smarter

Anyone following the business tech scene knows that the use of AI and machine learning has been a major push with tech companies.

Twilio has announced a bunch of smart integrations that use AI in contact centres. Their recently announced Twilio Flex platform will work with Google’s contact centres AI tools with new customer service bots, better support for live customer service agents and the ability to use analytics to answer customer queries faster.

#4 G Suite Gets Smarter

Google has announced a slew of new features that are coming to their productivity site. Amongst those updates are an intelligent tool that checks your grammar and offers suggestions to improve the readability of your prose as well as smart replies in Hangouts.

Google has made massive leaps in speech recognition systems recently and it seems that there are some flow on effects reaching their products.

#5 One Platform To Rule them All

Cloud Services Platform is a family of cloud services that pulls together a bunch of Google’s tools under a single banner.

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In a blog post, Urs Hölzle, Google’s Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure said “Today, we’re excited to share our vision for Cloud Services Platform, an integrated family of cloud services that lets you increase speed and reliability, improve security and governance and build once to run anywhere, across GCP and on-premise environments”.

In other words, developers and customers won’t have to poke around multiple places to pull a solution together.


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