Amazon Prime Day Is Coming To Australia This Month!

Image: Amazon Australia

Amazon's huge annual sale event is less than a fortnight away! In what promises to be the biggest online sale since launch, Amazon Australia will be offering massive discounts across all categories, with savings of over 90%. Here are all the details!

Amazon Prime Day is roughly comparable to other online sales promotions like Click Frenzy and Cyber Monday. However, all of the deals are exclusive to Amazon Prime members - which means you need to be a subscriber to see them.

Here's the official announcement:

Starting at 12pm AEST on 16 July, Australian Prime members will be able to shop great deals across Alexa-enabled products, electronics, video games, smart home and more. Prime day will last for 36 hours, ending at midnight AEST on 17 July.

It currently costs $4.99 to join Amazon Prime in Australia which is well below the asking price in most other markets. There's also a free 30-day trial available which you can cancel at any time.

Needless to say, we'll be bringing you the best bargains from Amazon Prime Day come July 16. In the meantime, check out our Amazon Prime explainer to discover what else is included with the service.

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    These kinds of sales would be better if it was just a blanket discount across *everything*. Instead they only ever cover selected items which almost never include the item you actually want to purchase.

      I don't mind it being on specific items. I just wish the prices and discounts were genuine. I hate to see a sale with "50% off" but the item is listed at double it's regular price. So when you take 50% off it's the same price as normal :(

      A lot of Ebay stores do this all the damned time. Non sale it's $100, then a week later during a 10% off sale it's miraculously $110, then a week later during the 20% off sale it's $120...

      The worst thing is they can claim it's legal simply by calling it the recommended retail price, even though no one sells at that price anywhere, ever.

    Prime day will last for 36 hours

    So it is Prime Day & a half, then?

    Amazon has been pretty underwhelming. For all of the shit people give eBay (some deserved) I can get better deals there than anything I have found on Amazon AU. Perhaps our market is just too small.

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