What To Use When Plastic Straws Are Banned

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In a continuing campaign against single-use plastic, Woolworths has announced it will discontinue sales of plastic straws from the end of the year. It's a great step forward for environmentalism, but what does it mean for people who rely on straws for medical reasons, or just prefer it with their weekend cocktails? Here are some alternatives.

It's unknown whether Woolies will be bringing in its own eco-friendly alternatives once the ban is in place, but here are some options that are already readily available:

Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws are a classy-looking alternative to plastic straws that can be reused again and again, plus will make your cocktails look extra Instagrammable.

Grab a pack of 12 for $22.95 here.

Glass Straws

Glass straws are also a beautiful alternative to plastic straws, and come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes.

You can get a set of four bent glass straws for $9.99 here, or check out Bali-based Be Organic's range of glass straws in different colours and sizes.

Metal Straws

Probably the most durable of the bunch, metal straws are a great addition to your cutlery drawer, plus you can keep one in your bag when going out out to save on plastic usage in cafes, restaurants and bars.

You can get six bent metal straws for $7.55 here, or a set of eight mixed straight and bent straws for $13.99. Even Kmart sells metal straws at $3 for a pack of four.

Silicone Straws

Need a reusable straw that's still a little flexible, or worried that glass and metal aren't suitable for your little ones? Check out these fun-coloured silicone straws that kids'll love.

Grab a pack of six (with two bonus metal straws) for $13.99 here.

Paper Straws

If you still want a single-use option, opt for paper instead of plastic. Paper straws are easy to find (Kmart has a good range) and often come in cute colours and patterns.

Get 225 assorted-colour paper straws for $15.99.


    We're going to stop the frivolous waste of plastic straws but still wrap bananas in plastic.

      And cucumbers.

        They're wrapping bananas in cucumbers?
        What a logistical nightmare.

          You actually got me to laugh out loud.
          I found that way more hilarious than reasonably expected.

    I get that the against-plastic movement needed a poster-boy, but do that many straws really make it to the ocean? If so, how? And what else from my landfill-destined wheelie bin gets there?

    Last edited 05/06/18 8:40 pm

      I daresay its more wankers that cant be bothered to properly dispose of their McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Boot Juice etc than home use, so i doubt this initiative will effect that much ocean straws.

    You know, if you drink out of actual glasses instead of old jars because its "cute" or "fun" you really dont need straws.

      People have been using straws to drink out of all type of vessels for millennia, it's not some modern thing for trendy people.


      As far as metal straws go: they have a tendency to impart a metallic taste onto the drink, especially acidic ones.

    Paper straws are just f^%&**&^ stupid, the ones i've used just don't work for very long before they get soggy but they always have a cardboardy like taste and texture when using them.

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