Good Night, Sweet Lifehacker

Good Night, Sweet Lifehacker
Image: The Truman Show/Paramount Pictures

There are plenty of good ways to say goodbye and, just so you know, I’ve never learnt any of them. But as today is my last day at Lifehacker Australia, let me see if I can pluck something out.

Yep, today it’s all over and it has been a short, sweet run that clocked in just short of a year. I would usually just phantom out of here like I sometimes do to acquaintances at 2am when they’re still on the drink and I’ve had my fill, but I wanted to leave with a handful of thanks.

The first is to you, Lifehacker regular: Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and thanks for keeping me honest. One thing I always strive to do when I write – is stay honest. Even if I have to rush a story or pump out how to watch guides, I like them to be correct. Most of the time, I do alright. Sometimes, I do poorly, and you were there to make sure I was accountable. I appreciate that. I also appreciate those of you who came for the live-blogs, chatted to me on Twitter or send kind messages over the journey. It’s been great and plenty of #goodguyenergies to you.

Second is to the Bad Dude #1 Chris Jager, Editor of Lifehacker Australia. Chris is a very smart man with a very keen sense for what readers want to read and what works for this website. He’s irreplaceable. While the help from the entire Allure team is indispensable, Lifehacker Australia is basically a two-man unit. Chris Jager is Editor and I play Deputy. He’s Sheriff Woody, I’m Deputy… Buzz? It’s been a ride. So long, partner. I’ll continue to read the site, because I know that Chris tries to make it better every single day. If he’s ever kidnapped by ninjas, I’ll be there.

I got to write some great stuff here – not just at Lifehacker, but across Gizmodo and Kotaku too. Since starting in July 2017, I’ve written at least 55 pieces a month, so it wasn’t always… easy, but I was always excited to get the day started.

Some of those stories were about $2 HDMI cables and others were about putting coffee up your bum. My favourite experiences were certainly the Click Frenzy Liveblogs because so many readers benefited from them, this huge piece on one of the most ridiculous bands in the world, how Sydney Train Drivers were dealing with the strike, injecting a little politics into what we do and my daily column about all the weird shit on the internet.

Man, I am going to miss it here. I know that much.

My last thanks is to the people that put me in this position and gave me the chance to succeed. I am eternally grateful to Mark Serrels for letting me come in here and write every day. It was a life-changing sea change.

If you want to catch me in my writing adventures elsewhere, then you can follow me on Twitter of course. And after looking for that perfect way to finally sign off, ticking quotes off in my head…

“You met me at a very strange time of my life.”
“I’ll be right here.”
“See you in another life, brother.”
“So long, partner.”
“I do wish we could chat longer… but I’m having an old friend for dinner. Bye.”

…I settled on this:

In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.


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