Live Blogging Click Frenzy Mayhem To Snag The Best Deals

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We’re out here, live blogging the Click Frenzy sales taking place from 6am today. Last year (and last night) was a rollercoaster of emotions, with unlucky readers missing out on the 99% off deals and a few lucky ones celebrating in our comments section. Jump in here and try to snag a $10 TV, a $5 iPad or whatever else you can get your mitts on.

This article will update periodically, with the most recent posts at the bottom of the page.

We have six hours until it begins raining discounts at Click Frenzy, so I’m dropping in to say – come back in six hours. I also think it’s a good time to investigate everything there is to know about Click Frenzy today and tomorrow and how you can snag yourself the 99% discounts.

They go incredibly fast, but there are ways to speed things up for yourself. We’ve put together a huge list of those tips. Before diving into the live blog, acquaint yourself with these tips and make sure you’re subscribed to the Click Frenzy emails. That’s the only way you’ll be getting your emails.


Tuesday, May 15

[6:38] Good evening everyone. I went to get myself some cookies for the evening but, sadly, the supermarket was all out. We will be going live in about 20 minutes or so – hopefully we will have a little more information about what deals to be looking out for and how to make sure you’re in with a chance. Drop in and say g’day in the comments and let us know what you’re going for. The big ticket items are all listed here.

[6:40] There’s some cliche about the sequel not being as good as the original in here somewhere, but stick with me.

[6:41] You can also find me tweeting away @dctrjack. Sometimes I’ve got a quicker trigger finger over there.

[6:45] According to Click Frenzy, the first wave of emails — and our first look at the deals — was meant to come through at 6pm. Let us know if you’ve got an email… I sure haven’t yet.

[6:47] Another early top tip I have is to always stay on top of the Twitter game. Keep an eye on @clickfrenzy, but also check Twitter hashtags like #clickfrenzy to see what other users are doing.

[6:49] Have been checking there myself and it doesn’t appear that the first wave of emails — where we will find out what the first of the 99% off deals will be — have landed in inboxes yet.

[6:51] Click Frenzy is now live! It’s early, but it’s operational!

[6:55] First round of deals are in – check your inboxes!!

[6:55] Here they are!

[6:58] Okay, that means you need to get to the Everyday Essentials category if you want a shot at the Toshiba TV in 2 minutes time. It is under the Health & Beauty section of the website. Get those fingers and clickers ready.

[7:01] F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 at Everyday Essentials if you want the TV.

[7:02] Just remember to TURN OFF YOUR ADBLOCKER if you want to see the banner appear for the Toshiba TV.

[7:05] Last year, the banner ads that appeared and that you had to click on appeared down the very bottom of the page, just under the listings. I think for around 90% of the cases this was true. You could zoom out so the whole page is visible, but that will make the banner ad very small.

[7:07] So, some users not seeing their emails yet. This was the same thing that happened last November. I suspect that the Click Frenzy team may want to invest a little more in that side of the business or start sending those emails out quicker every year.

[7:11] We know what the first four deals – that run between 7 and 11 tonight – will be, but we also have an indication of what tomorrow morning will bring via the Click Frenzy email. If you want the Fitbit, Google Home, iPad Mini or Bluetooth Speaker – hold out until tomorrow morning.

[7:11] This may help some – the URL to the first category is here: Everyday Essentials.

[7:13] Good tip from our commenter “themikky” – hit Refresh then Home and End to quickly check the top and bottom of the page.

[7:16] The 32 inch TV is still available, by all accounts. Stay on that page. You need to make sure you refresh the page.

[7:17] Lifehacker does not hold any responsibility for smashed keyboards or broken clickers.

[7:22] Still waiting for our first banner ad of 2018… can I go to the toilet yet?

[7:23] Staying relevant to the youth with “memes”

[7:25] I’m weighing up my options here… but I don’t believe I need this Toshiba TV. I do not need four TVs in my house. Convince me otherwise.

[7:27] A lot of this on Twitter so just making it clear: One Item Per Household over the Entire 24 hours, guys. If you get one tonight, you cannot get any of the 99% off deals tomorrow.

[7:28] That is also a warning. If your transaction goes through for a second item, you might find yourself disappointed. Last year, Click Frenzy had to cancel certain orders because they had broken the rules. So just keep that in mind. They are checking these things.

[7:31] Peter Alexander are having a 40% off sale for this event too. While I’m blogging here, I turned around and my partner has gone and bought some new pyjamas! No! We need that money for the GO NUTS deals?!!?

[7:33] You can check Peter Alexander’s sale here though if you want some new threads.

[7:35] Just a reminder, here’s How To Get The Best Deals

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.png” title=”Click Frenzy Mayhem 2018: How To Get The Best Deals” excerpt=”Click Frenzy refreshes onto browsers Australia wide from 7pm tonight and just like Click Frenzy last November, there are ridiculous prices everywhere. However, the best is yet to come. From 7pm, some items will be heavily discounted. As in, heavily heavily. Click Frenzy will be offering surely-this-isn’t-real pricing on a number of products. $5 iPad Minis, $2 Fitbits and Nespresso machines, $3 Beats headphones and a $10 55-inch LG TV.

Here’s how you can nab the big ticket items.”]

[7:38] If you’re on a Mac, we have users in the comments posting shortcuts for keyboards galore – Legendary teamwork.

[7:41] Still no sign of the ad for me — anyone seen it?

[7:42] A commenter has questioned with or not you can see the banner ad if you haven’t subscribed. As long as you are on the mailing list, you can see the ad – even if you didn’t get the email.

[7:45] Last year, the best thing to do was to go to the Click Frenzy Store and login PRIOR to seeing the banner ad, so you were good to go. It appears that website is still dormant (as of writing) so maybe its a new storefront this year?

[7:46] I found my spirit animal.

[7:49] Relevant.

[7:50] Ten minutes left for this first one and aren’t we all suckers? They got us good, refreshing and panicking and all that and still haven’t put it up…

[7:53] Comments sections are asking the right questions – where can we login? As I said before, last year they used the Click Frenzy Store website which is and I recommended logging in prior to seeing the banner ad. This year? Not so sure.

[7:57] TOSHIBA WAS UP AND THEN IT WAS GONE. Okay — so now we have a bit more information about how this all works. LISTEN UP

The banner ad appeared at the TOP of the page. You can see where here:

Once you click through there is a screen that looks similar to this:

Except, if it isn’t SOLD OUT, you will see the fields to fill in credit card details on the left hand side.


[7:59] I feel you girl.

[8:00] Xbox One S time – that is going for $3 and will appear in Maternity, Baby & Kidswear. Hopefully much quicker this time… Click here to get to the page.

[8:02] Here’s a Q from Twitter:

If you are using Google Chrome, head to your Settings (the three dots in the top right hand corner), then scroll down to click advanced, then Autofill settings. You can add your card in there.

[8:05] Some very important information from Twitter:

[8:06] Put your minds at ease and know this. If you received this image:

Then your order is currently being processed. It doesn’t guarantee you anything, but you’re in with a very good chance at it. So cross your fingers.

[8:09] Last November, the Xbox went super fast. Like in the first 15 or 20 minutes so… hopefully we dont have to wait.

[8:10] Xbox One S 500GB… who’s grabbing it?

[8:15] The banner ad replaced the TOP banner for our first 99% off deal… If it does the same again, we will see it, but there’s a chance it switches it up. You could zoom all the way out of the page to see both, but you’ll have less area to click… oh it’s all too much. Pro tip: When you get your Xbox One S, you should definitely get a Game Pass.

[8:17] I know you’re all here for the deals, but it seems pretty ridiculous when there are banner ads like this.

[8:21] I am getting this question a lot over on my Twitter account – @dctrjack – about people being charged to their credit card.

I suspect that a lot of transactions would have gone through over time and that some will be receiving the dreaded “sorry you just missed out” email over the coming day. That charge will then be reversed. It’s hard to tell you exactly what will happen with that – because the system is not overly transparent.

[8:24] Guaranteed way to make the Xbox One S show up more quickly? Go to the toilet, have a drinks break, just in general look away from your computer for five to 10 minutes.

[8:25] Note: If you miss out on the Xbox One S 500Gb but still want an Xbox — Microsoft have an awesome deal right now. The 1TB console is $349 PLUS a game. Or you can get six free games with the Xbox One S 500GB.

[8:28] Interesting stat: If you counted all the keystrokes that people make tonight while Click Frenzy is on, you would be super friggin bored.

[8:30] Any burning questions you have for the Click Frenzy team? I am going to ask about the credit card charges in the morning and see how that shakes out.

[8:32] Click game on lock.

[8:34] I would suggest being careful about how many times you click confirm when you reach the payments page. I am not sure that’s contributing to the multiple payments, but I believe it’s likely. One click is enough. I know it’s called Click Frenzy… it should be called Click Frenzy For A Bit And Then Click Delicately So You Don’t Get Overcharged.

[8:36] Poll Time:

[8:39] So far, Click Frenzy has really drawn this one out. They’ve let us just frolick through their copious amount of deals and live life to the fullest, not caring about a silly $3 Xbox One S…

[8:41] These have been dark times, we’ve huddled in caves, lit fires, warmed our hands and our hearts together and still, we are no closer to knowing what the Gods have in store for us.

[8:42] Live reaction from the Click Gods:

[8:43] Send coffee.

[8:45] Who else has “Help power wishes this tax time.” permanently etched into their brain forever? Just me? Cool. Cool cool cool.

[8:51] Home stretch. This is when IT HAPPENED last hour.

[8:57] Well, that was a frustrating one. The banner ad did not appear and then as soon as it was there – it was sold out. I suspect there will be many angry campers with this one why don’t we go and check Twi – oh.. oh yep.

[9:00] That was a really interesting disappointing one. The banner ad at the top of the page completely disappeared – there was no ad, just blank space. When the Xbox One ad appeared for me, it was gone as I clicked through. A little disappointing. Here it is if you missed it.

[9:03] Glad to see the live blog helping you folks out!

Is anyone hanging around for the coffee machine??

That one can be found in Home & Decor –> Homewares. Head there!

[9:06] When your entire country is on sub-standard internet and they’re all trying to do the same thing…

[9:09] In order to prevent bots from doing the whole purchasing thing, the Click Frenzy store asks you a question before purchasing. You can see an example from the Xbox One S below:

[9:12] Our second lot of deals emails have hit inboxes, but let’s save you the hassle – we’ve got the info right here:

[9:13] Nespresso was there… and now she’s gone. That gives you a big break until 10pm, when the final offer of the night begins — the MYER GIFT CARD.

[9:15] Twitter users telling me that they answered the question for the Nespresso Inissia with “2” and “two” but were getting a clickfail. Apparently, that isn’t the correct answer. Now, I am no mathemagician, but I did just count and… yes, Nespresso only has 2 E’s in it.

[9:17] Take a breather, legends. You’ve got 45 minutes until the next deal goes live.

[9:17] Here are the four deals that will be available AFTER 11am tomorrow

[9:18] Getting a lot of these ones on Twitter. Many prayers. Many Good Guy Energies. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

[9:20] I love my fans.

Anyone got time to draw me passed out in a mess of sweat and tears in front of a PC screen flickering “CLICK FRENZY”? Cool. Cool cool cool.

[9:26] Just taking a nice little break at the moment and rounding up a few of the cracking deals you should have a look at outside of this one:

  • Up to 80% off 1000+ products on Catch: Catch Of The Day has slashed the price on a bunch of products including footwear, cosmetics and groceries. Click here!
  • 25% off all products at House: Includes discounted items. use the code ‘HOUSEFRENZY’ at checkout. Click here!
  • 10% off everything at Lovehoney: Includes luxury items and lingerie. Click here!
  • Up to 50% off Sony products: Includes Sony Bravia TVs, PlayStation consoles, cameras and audio products. The sale kicks off at 7pm sharp. Click here!
  • More Microsoft goodness with Xbox One S 500GB and 1TB bundles – with up to six free games. Click here for 500GB! Click here for 1TB!

[9:28] Ummm, the Playstation 4 Pro is just $449 with an extra controller at the moment. As Playstations famous mascot Morio once said: “That’s a spicy meatball” — if you want the high powered PS4 Pro, click here.

[9:31] Pro Tip: Until you’ve received your email saying the Xbox is confirmed… it is not confirmed. You’re in with a shot if you’ve got PENDING. But not guaranteed. Heartbreak may find you and it may make you cry.

[9:37] Are you sticking around for the MYER Gift Card? That’s where many got lucky last year – it’s a pretty good deal because you can spend it on practically anything.

[9:40] Very important confirmation from the Click Frenzy Facebook page about how this all works. Read carefully.


[9:49] I did this… all… so wrong. I have no snacks. There’s still potentially an hour to go. Please be kind Click Frenzy Gods. Please put this next one in the first half an hour.

[9:55] Speaking of the next one, what are we looking for? A Myer Gift Card!

Where will we find it? We’re going back to Health & Beauty and into Skin & Body. So far, all of our banner ads appeared at the top of the page. So expect that again. Turn adblocker off. Refresh as fast and as often as you can. Get prepared. Show’s kicking off in 5, baby.

[9:55] Ugh, why did I say baby.

[9:55] There’s no time to worry, me. We’re on tonight’s home stretch.

[9:56] I love that we all suffer together, guys. This isn’t a rollercoaster, this is a spaceship, full of friends and we’re all going to the moon. The discount moon. Where money and capitalism and love all coexist.

[9:57] Wow. I am going loopy, it’s late. I have no caffeine or snacks. Let’s hit this last one and call it a night.

[10:00] It’s go time. The last deal is available here: Skin & Body

[10:03] I’m poking the bear.

[10:06] Me right now:

[10:11] I think my one Real Tip from this evening so far is: There’s, again, not a lot of stock and to really be on top of it, you need to be fully focused on refreshing that page. I mean, that means you can’t get in here and follow the live blog at the same time, but you just have to get that banner as soon as it appears or you’re no hope.

Also, moving away from PayPal was probably a really good move for Click Frenzy but it makes it a little harder, in my opinion. That PayPal OneTouch was ideal for this exact scenario. I suspect it might have caused issues in their backend.

[10:18] Well, where’s this Gift Card, Cowards! FACE ME!!!!!!!

[10:20] I wonder how many Myer Gift Cards are available. I would suggest the number is around 5. Giving away $100 a pop, 5 times. That’s a solid dent in the wallet.

[10:27] Still no update on the Myer Gift Card. If we are waiting until 11pm, I am going to be so sad.

[10:28] Me IRL:

[10:31] Our poll has revealed that #clickfindmeinthecornercrying is well in the lead. Still time for #clickfuuuuu to catch up.

[10:36] Click Frenzy seem intent on breaking my heart tonight, so there’s that. Still no sign of the fabled Myer Gift Card. It’s a unicorn.

[10:41] Those of you following along know full well you need to keep REFRESHING the page. Those on Twitter are still struggling to get that. That’s why you should follow both the live blog and the Twitter. I can help. I want to help. Let me help you. Help me help you.

[10:45] *Yawns*

[10:49] Final 10 minutes incoming. I can’t believe three of the four were in the last ten. Super frustrating!

[11:00] WHAT IS GOING ON?!!!!!!!!

[11:03] Now running three minutes late – I am going to miss this deal so I can keep you all updated but… trouble brewing here.

[11:05] Someone may have fallen asleep at the Click Frenzy offices because, we don’t have the final Gift Card deal and it’s well past 11pm.

[11:05] I don’t know what to do. I was meant to sign off at this time but I am still going. I am so tired. Why would you do this to me Click Gods. Why?


[11:07] Wow.

[11:08] I could cry.

Dan… You… are the man. *clenches fist and looks to the sky longingly*

[11:10] YOU LIE!!!!

[11:10] Guys, I don’t want to love you and leave you but I have to go to sleep so I can do this all again at 6am. I am pretty disappointed in that last offering. I did a doctorate for this?!!!! How could they??

[11:11] Make a wish

[11:12] I am going to head to bed. Check out all the other deals from today below and comment if and when the Myer Gift Card goes live. See you bright and early folks.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”The Best Click Frenzy Deals So Far [Updated]” excerpt=”Click Frenzy – AKA Australia’s answer to Black Friday – officially begins at 7pm tonight. However, a bunch of retailers have jumped the gun early, just like they do every year. Here are the best deals so far, with links to buy!”]

Wednesday, May 16

[6:24am] Good morning!

[6:25] So, I woke up and went straight to the Fragrances page, where the Fitbit Charge 2 was meant to appear this morning and… well, it was already there! And it wasn’t sold out.

[6:27] It still seems available to me.

[6:28] Here’s a real good look at the checkout process, it should give you a good indication of what you need to do when you’re buying. Answer the question first, then plug in your details and credit card info. I highly suggest autofill, which you can set up in Google Chrome.

[6:29] Fitbit is gone! Everyone is now awake! Good morning! Throw up some good guy energies today. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

[6:35] Our second item of the day – the very good Bluetooth Speaker by Bose known as the Soundlink Revolve – will be available in the WINE category, but not for another hour and a half at least. You know what that means!

[6:37] Oh, you don’t? It means that I can get the train to the office, grab some coffee, maybe a bite to eat, some snacks and load up for the long haul. I’ll see you all again at 8am.

[7:11am] Just taking a second to appreciate the fact that, in 2018, I can live blog a crazy sale from a train heading to the city. What’s everyone looking at today?

[7:12] Before the next 99% off deal loads up, I’ll recap the tips you need to be using to make sure you are fastest to click through. For now, check this out

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.png” title=”Click Frenzy Mayhem 2018: How To Get The Best Deals” excerpt=”Click Frenzy refreshes onto browsers Australia wide from 7pm tonight and just like Click Frenzy last November, there are ridiculous prices everywhere. However, the best is yet to come. From 7pm, some items will be heavily discounted. As in, heavily heavily. Click Frenzy will be offering surely-this-isn’t-real pricing on a number of products. $5 iPad Minis, $2 Fitbits and Nespresso machines, $3 Beats headphones and a $10 55-inch LG TV.

Here’s how you can nab the big ticket items.”]

[7:34] We are back in action and the first email of today has come through giving us an indication of when the next four items will be on sale, between 11am and 3pm AEST. Here’s the email.

[7:47] If you haven’t been following along – last night, the banner ad for Myer Gift Card didn’t load for many people. Apparently, they did activate it but appreciate that it wasn’t seen. Here’s the update from their Facebook page.

Looks like a new email will be sent out with extra details for that one. Interesting.

[7:52] In eight minutes we are going for the Bose Soundlink Revolve – a very, very good bluetooth speaker. If you want to grab that one head to Food, Wine & Liquor and then to the Wine category. Here’s the link.

[7:55] If you are joining us for the first time this morning, so far, all of the banner ads have appeared at the top of the page and replaced the advert above the search bar. Expect a similar scenario here with the Soundlink.

[7:58] *the sound of my own horn tooting*

[7:59] Don’t forget to drop over to Twitter if that’s your thing and follow there. I post updates quickly on both the live blog and the Tweet, but it takes longer to update here than over on S O C I A L M E D I A

[8:00] Wine category, now.

[8:01] The work Wi-Fi is super quick, so I’m feeling more confident about nabbing a cheeky deal this morning. I am also feeling less confident about staying awake, but, you win some, you lose some.

[8:02] Here’s another deal you might enjoy: The Iconic has a 30% off sale running alongside Click Frenzy. Some stellar prices up in there. Sneakers? Cheap. Yes.

[8:05] For those of you that are joining in for the first time this morning – the banner ads all went up really late in the hour last night, like, I am talking the last five minutes or so. The lesser items, like the Nespresso and Fitbit, went up in the first 20. I expect the Bose will be a little later.

[8:06] If you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer, I also recommend checking out their store this Click Frenzy because they have 25% off and you can find some decent steals there. We’ve got a list of what you want right here.

[8:12] No sign of Banner McBannerface yet, who is going for the SoundLink?

[8:15] When waiting for these banners to appear are you doing anything else? Like listening to music or chatting to mates or are you fully focused? When I am actually going for a win, I need to be fully focused – it’s like, you know how you turn down the music when you’re going to park? Like it helps? That’s Click Frenzy for me.

[8:24] We are yet to see any banners…

[8:25] This is the kind of setup I operate with at work. A little unusual, but definitely necessary.

[8:30] Looks like we’re headed into the back half an hour for this bluetooth speaker too. Just give me an early one so I can randomly browse the internet for other deals, Click Gods.

[8:31] Sidenote: I am browsing the internet. Have you seen the trailer for Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody?

[8:36] Latest update is that there is no update to the banner ad so you’ll have to keep waiting, Click Friendsy.

[8:40] Banner is gone! Get ready.

[8:44] In both Firefox and Chrome, there is no banner. Someone pressed the wrong button at Click HQ again?

[8:46] I was easily in time for the Bose. Let me know if you got it – I held off because I am not all about it.


[8:48] I know that some are getting frustrated about the lack of banner ad appearing, but I think it’s a good thing. When you see that banner ad disappear you know it’s almost go time. If they don’t get it right soon, it SHOULD give you a better chance at clicking immediately.

ABR: Always. Be. Refreshing.

[8:50] Just an update on the credit card transactions that some people are asking about:

It seems that the transactions get pre-authorised, like they would at a hotel etc. These will be reversed if you are unsuccesful.

[8:53] Looks like a few people were right there in the transaction screen, waiting … and decided not to buy so they have a shot at the other items. Remember, you are limited to ONE ITEM per HOUSEHOLD. You might get away with multiple addresses if you’re lucky, but that’s a pretty big risk to take.

[8:55] Alright, get over to Flights if you want the Google Home. The link to Flights is right here.

[9:00] Here we go! Get to Flights. The Google Home is coming. Are you keen?

[9:02] Will the Home come through in the final 15 minutes too? Who knows? If you’re looking for a Google Home Mini though — why not just try this? This one is down at $57-odd dollars so you could always just grab that instead?

[9:04] I have a feeling if you’re really keen for a Google Home you might have a few seconds extra here. I think demand will just be slightly lower.

[9:07] Plenty of Good Guy Energies to you all today. I hope you can get what you want. I am taking a short break to hunt for a USB, so if the Home goes up, grab that bad boy. Throw up those Folded Hands. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

[9:11] If there was a Nintendo Switch in this sale, I think the website would be broken. One of the HOT TICKET items. Amazon have it for just $399 right now.

[9:20] Still waiting for Mr. Google Home… or is that Mrs. or Ms? Why are assistants all voiced by females? Why can’t I have Terry Crews tell me what the weather is like?

[9:24] Just take a quick look at our tips article if you’re struggling to get through on the deals.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.png” title=”Click Frenzy Mayhem 2018: How To Get The Best Deals” excerpt=”Click Frenzy refreshes onto browsers Australia wide from 7pm tonight and just like Click Frenzy last November, there are ridiculous prices everywhere. However, the best is yet to come. From 7pm, some items will be heavily discounted. As in, heavily heavily. Click Frenzy will be offering surely-this-isn’t-real pricing on a number of products. $5 iPad Minis, $2 Fitbits and Nespresso machines, $3 Beats headphones and a $10 55-inch LG TV.

Here’s how you can nab the big ticket items.”]

[9:26] Banner is down. Get ready.

[9:27] Reminder: The Tweet is faster the The Blog so if you have Twitter, keep up to date there.

[9:31] Almost five minutes and no sign of the banner…

[9:32] A full five minutes after the banner disappeared – out came Google Home. Here was the buy screen:

Pretty easy question but not sure if you needed to caps the OK Google. I didn’t try for it. Hope you guys grabbed it if you wanted it!

[9:33] As soon as I see it I tweet but that’s probably still too long. I suggest waiting for my “banner is gone” tweet and then hammering F5 on the website (or your Mac refresh)

[9:36] For those of you still wondering what it looks like – this is the top of the page. This is where the banner appears and the general look of it. Blue background, Big Price.

[9:39] At 10am, the next item will be the iPad Mini for $5 – in the Tools & Renovation section. Get yourself ready for that with good guy energies.

Click here to get to the Tools & Renovation section.

[9:48] I have been very PC centric so far: So here’s the guide to turning Autofill on for your Mac. If you are using a Mac, this is a Must. A Mac Must.

[9:50] Someone just put on Lose Yourself in the office. This is perfect.

[9:53] The iPad Mini is live soon. As it is 99% off, I would suggest it is the Mini 4, 128GB Wi-Fi version (that’s all we know – that it is Wi-Fi only) – but I can’t confirm that.

[9:57] Get to Tools & Renovation now – start your F5 Engines.

[10:00] This one better come in the first ten minutes but it’s a pretty big deal for many, so I doubt it. Could be in for the long haul here.

[10:05] This surely isn’t real, but it IS funny.



[10:07] It’s been taking five minutes from the disappearance of the banner ad, so be prepared for an approx 10:10-10:11 appearance.

[10:11] Who listened to me? Smack on the 10:10-10:11 range. Five minutes after the disappearance. The iPad Mini was ready. Guess who is PENDING?

It works guys, my doctorate in bargains got me somewhere.

[10:15] Seeing a lot of people on Twitter with ORDER PENDING. Who will get it? Who has been blessed with #goodguyenergies

[10:17] Let us know if you are blessed with the Good Guy Energies in the comments.

[10:21] We have a healthy break until the next Click Frenzy deal… so a reminder.


[10:27] Being asked “Is it worth it to keep trying if I have an “Order Pending”” and I honestly can’t tell you YES or NO right now. I am chasing this information and will update as soon as I know. Personally, I say go for it. The system is not fast enough to cancel an order, so you just have to give it a crack. I would say your EARLIEST win will be the one you get. Or you might get none. It’s just not clear.

[10:31] From what I can see, Click Frenzy have been pretty active on Facebook. It’s worth checking their page for any real up to the minute stuff. Again, I am chasing about whether or not you should go for multiple items. I am pretty content to sit on my iPad Mini, but without knowing if I’ve got it – it’s hard to not want to go in again.

[10:33] Spend the next half hour contemplating this $399 Nintendo Switch, you cowards. Best purchase I ever made.

[10:35] How are we all feeling? I am pretty wrecked, not going to lie about that. I am ducking out to grab food and will bring back The Good Guy Energies when I return. Just in case I am too slow, the next item is the $50 Myer Gift Card for $1 and is available in the PETS section.

Link to the Pets here.

[10:44] Some clarity from the Click Frenzy Founder Grant Arnott on dual orders:

“Having an order pending does not stop anyone from attempting new orders. However, only the first order placed will be confirmed, it’s not an “order everything, pick one” frenzy. That is very clear in the terms and conditions.”

Basically, your First Pending Order – if confirmed – is your order. If you placed more after that, you get a big nope.

[10:49] You say SLOW descent, I say RAPID ahhaHAHasHAhshhAHahaHAahshahaHAHAh send help

[10:50] Again, just want to make it really clear — it is ONE ITEM per HOUSEHOLD. You can’t just go in for every single item and expect to pick one. Your first one, if confirmed, is the only one that you get. That’s how it works people. That prevents people from hoarding all the bargains because they are on a HFC in the middle of nowhere.

[10:52] Another tweet that outlines the item per household offer:

[10:55] Alright, here we go for the next deal: A $50 MYER GIFT CARD.

Things to REMEMBER:

  • 1. Be in the right section
  • 2. No adblocker
  • 3. The banner ad seems to disappear around 5 minutes before the deal goes live (has done so for the past two)
  • 4. Check my twitter to know when the ad disappears.
  • 5. Madly refresh the page until the banner ad appears.

[10:55] I am out for this one, not a big fan of the $50 gift card, so good luck to you.

[10:56] Get to Pets now.

[10:58] Besides CLICK FRENZY… this test is absolutely breaking the internet. I hear “LAUREL”. What do you hear?

[10:59] I thoroughly believe I should order Grumpy Donuts to my office today. Get them near me. I can’t leave this seat for you guys.


[11:07] So far nothing, looks like our earliest reveal is still going to be the last one – the early iPad gets the worm. Are you after the Gift Card? Good luck!

[11:12] Again, good reminder that I will let you know when the banner DISAPPEARS on the old Tweeter Tweeter Tweet. Hit that up and you’ll hopefully have your five minute window.

[11:19] We are still waiting, so I am having a banana.

[11:19:23] The banana is gone.

[11:21] Another poll, while we wait.

[11:23] Off we go.

[11:24] Expect it around 11:27-11:28

[11:27] It up and it down. We have this down to a SCIENCE guys. We have this. Here’s what it looked like:

It’s good that the Myer Gift Card actually went up this time. Like, we didn’t even get to that point last night so, improvements? Who grabbed it?

[11:31] A few internet denizens are finding it hard to believe people actually win these things, but I am here to tell you. It happens. It is rare. It’s needle in a haystack type stuff. A real difficult gadget type operation. You need to be a real computer type boffin to get it.

But with good guy energies, you will succeed. Be positive.

[11:32] REMINDER: My Banner Down tweet will give you the most time to prep yourself. It’s always around five minutes after that that you can actually get the deal.

[11:35] Next up is the Dyson Big Ball Vacuum. True story: I used to sell Dyson Vacuums when I worked at JB Hi-Fi so believe me – if you want a vacuum, this is what you should go for. One elderly lady had to return this because the suction power was too strong for her carpets.

[11:37] The Dyson will be available from midday in the Exercise & Fitness section.

[11:40] Just a reminder: Those who win things… be careful what you post on social media. If you’ve got your order details and the like, it’s pretty easy to mess with you. Be careful what you post.

[11:43] The poll for my lunch is open. Should I get burgers? Hmm…

[11:47] The Dyson Big Ball. Who is getting INVOLVED here?

[11:50] I am really hoping this next one is an EARLYBIRD, because let me tell you. I need some worms*. I need them now.

*actual food.

[11:52] If you’ve been following along from the beginning you will be familiar with Audrey, who is the banner ad for the Dyson deal. She wants to launch a rocket to snowy mountains. Which is just the freaking best but also makes me real sad. Like, we’re all trying to spend money on these things and Audrey just wants to make a wish.

[11:57] You know where you need to be. Get HERE for the Dyson.

[12:00pm] Deals ready. Get your good guy energies out and start refreshing.

[12:08] When that banner goes down, what do we do? Repeat after me.

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. And then we Click.

[12:10] Imagine a future where your robot servant does this for you?????

[12:11] The last lot of offers are through. Before we see the Dyson banner – here’s info on the Myer Gift Card that was missed:

[12:16] Here are the last lot of deals guys:

  • Beats at 3
  • $200 Myer GC at 4
  • DJI Spark at 5
  • LG 55″ at 6

[12:21] Sending up the Good Guy Energies.

[12:22] “How do I access a bargain please” is one of our comments.

I’ll have you know that I haven’t spent about 9 hours so far, writing about how to access a bargain, to be asked how to access a bargain! Come on! It’s all in here? In the Tome Of Click Frenzy Deal Grabbing. Come on!!!

[12:25] I think that Yanny would be more of a $10 55 inch TV type of operator and Laurel would go for the DJI drone.

[12:26] Are any of our site editors reading this? Can you puh-lease order some UberEats for your boy down here? Cheers.

[12:27] Guys. Guys, guys guys. Guys. Hear me out here.

What if we had a Click Frenzy…. For Housing??

*the sound of 1000 cash registers chinging at once*
*millenials screaming everywhere*
*avocados being toasted*

[12:38] Ladies and gents

[12:39] Should be around 12:41-12:42

[12:42] There needs to be a Click Frenzy help line. Many will go home empty handed. Here was the banner.

If you scored a Dyson, well done! Congratulations. If this blog helped you, you are most welcome. If it didn’t… No it definitely did right?

[12:45] This is my most important tip for the rest of the day based on what we’ve learnt this morning


[12:46] I know that I am banging on about this, but my best attempt to help you truly is via the Twitter Banner Down notification. You could, for the length of the sale, go to my Twitter page, follow and turn on notifications. When the banner goes down, you will be notified via the tweet. Then you refresh the page as quickly as you can. That’s the best I can do, really.

[12:48] Our next location is Women’s Fashion.

[12:52] Seeing a lot of sadness about the Dyson. A big ticket item and one that you rarely see below $100 off RRP. Such a steal.

[12:53] I’m really here for the people that miss out and get disappointed but also congratulate the lucky ones. That’s the nicest thing ever.

[12:56] GHD Styler IV incoming. If you’re going for this one, you need to get to Women’s Fashion, like, totally now, guys.


[1:03] Not sure if Lifehack

[1:09] Alright guys, with the GHD – you are on your own. I know I’ve said this many times but I actually have to eat to continue to function into the night. Remember:

1. Wait for the banner to disappear.
2. About 4-5 minutes later, the Go Nuts Deal banner appears.
3. Click, fill in form, pay.
4. Pray.

Send you the good guy energies while I am away.

[1:10] Energies

[1:29] Well, my burger appeared faster than I had expected so I am back in action and we are still waiting for the GHD.

[1:35] Banner is down post is coming over on Twitter while I eat this burger.

[1:37] The BIG Question:

[1:47] Banner is still up. Strike me pink, I am bloody surprised.

[1:50] A helpful reminder to all of you reading. Stay hydrated. It’s very important.

[1:50] The closer we get to the hour, the closer I get to wondering “Did they forget to turn the banner off and on again or what’s going on here?”

[1:50] We are in the final 10 for the GHD. When will we see it?

[1:51] No waiting period this time. Banner went down, banner went up.

[1:55] That one was super fast. There was no five minute gap between the banner disappearing and the GHD banner appearing. Seems a little crispy from the Click Gods to throw that one at us like that. Oh well, onto the next one.

[1:56] GoPro Hero 5 time. You can find THIS one in the Audio section for just $2. Click here to get to the Audio section.

[1:58] When I get down I watch Japanese Metal to HYPE ME UP FOR THE GOPRO 5

[2:00] You gotta get to AUDIO now for that GoPro Hero 5.

[2:04] Never seen one in the first four minutes, hoping it doesn’t happen while I type this out.

[2:05] Not sure about how this would work but might be worth keeping in mind if you have the option.

[2:12] ME IRL is ME IRL

[2:19] Still waiting for the banner to fall. This is a saga… a real… Banner Saga.

[2:22] If you are using a mobile to do any of this. I absolutely, 1000%, support you and treasure you. If you win something, you deserve to be Queens and Kings.

[2:25] We may have returned to the Dark Ages here people, where the banner didn’t disappear five minutes before it was replaced. What a tragedy.

[2:28] Alright, I am going to see how I fare with this one. We are still waiting. I will update the Twitter feed and then come back once the GoPro 5 is gone.

[2:34] HOW DID WE GO PROs??? HAHAHahahahahahahahahahaHa. I missed out so I am crying.

[2:41] We have a phone order here! Wow!

[2:42] Seeing plenty of PENDING notifications coming through for people. Sadly some of those are going to get cancelled, especially if you have more than one item already won. Some are currently receiving notifications that they missed out on specific orders.

[2:45] Another reminder: I’ve said it before but PENDING does not confirm you have won the item. It just means that you are in with a shot. You have to wait until the email confirmation.

Let’s explain —

Basically, the Click Gods have say, 10 Go Pros to sell. When you go to buy, the Click Gods allow 50 people to buy and go into a Pending pool. Then the Click Gods scrape through that list and see if the fastest 10 that got the item first are eligible for it. If there is one user who isn’t, they are canned and the 11th fastest wins. If the 11th fastest has already won, the 12th fastest wins. So on and so forth.

So it’s all about these bad boys: The Good Guy Energies

[2:47] The Delusional Part of the Day for Doctor J

[2:50] Seeing some positive stories out on the Twitter, with people revealing they’ve nabbed a Pending Order or got confirmation after reading the blogs and the Twitter. That is what we are here for! And by we, I mean me. It’s only me. I am so lonely.

[2:50] Still four hours left!

[2:51] The next deal goes live on the Outdoor Living page and is the BEATS SOLO3 Headphones. They’re going for just $3. But where is the Outdoor Living page… that is listed under Brands, which we haven’t seen before. I am more inclined to think it’d be in Beach, Camping & Outdoors, but I am confused. Any tips?

[2:55] The Outdoor Living page does not serve ads up. Find it unlikely that it will turn up here.

[2:56] Just rememeber – the banner is going down beforehand anymore. Well, it hasn’t been. If it does I will be on top of it, but we haven’t seen it in the last two hours.

[2:57] I am somewhat inclined to stay on the Beach, Camping & Outdoors page for the BEATS. I have no idea where they are meant to be. They’re live in three minutes.

[3:01] My time as a Children’s TV Host has certainly helped me keep up the energy for 13 PLUS hours. My goodness. Thanks, Mickey.


[3:03] I really struggled with that one didn’t I. There’s an Outdoor Living and a Brands page called Outdoor Living Direct. Cheeky.

[3:04] And while we wait, we’re back saying hey to Audrey again.

[3:07] Absolutely make sure your Autofill is ready to go. You’re going to need it for the Beats. Also remember that the banner has NOT been disappearing. It’s changing straight from the AD to the DEAL. Refresh constantly.

[3:12] Some have received emails immediately after placing their order. It seems if you get that email, you’re probably in with the best shot. No email? No luck.


[3:17] Those that have gone into pending AND received an email straight way, put your hands up. I think that might be the key to knowing if you’ve likely won something or not.


[3:27] I think we’ve worked it out and it’s bad news for some of you legends.

If you’ve received an email after your PENDING order has appeared. You’ve likely won the item. Unless you’ve already won something, that email – to me – says that you were right at the top of the list. You’re going to be in with the best shot. Unless someone with those email turns out to be fraudulent… Those with PENDING orders and no email, I would suggest – arent in luck.


The sneaky buggers got it up and down before I even had a chance to breathe.

[3:34] I am going for a rage quit a walk and will be back for the $200 Myer Gift Card.

[3:35] I joined Facebook 11 years ago today. I feel like I’ve aged 11 years doing this blog. I am now 185 years old.

[3:48] One thing you have to love about Click Frenzy is the absolute salt that gets thrown around.

[3:51] When I got in the lift just now, one of our other editors definitely said that I look “broken”. It is true.

[3:55] Next up is the Myer gift card that costs $2 and gets you $200. People gon’ be all over this one! You can find it in TV & Home Theatre

[4:00] Go go go Time for MYER.

Pro Tips:

1. There is no disappearing banner anymore
2. I will post on Twitter when it’s all depleted.
3. Let me know over there if you were lucky enough to get one!
4. Refresh constantly.

[4:03] Jeez, could they make me feel any more disappointed when I inevitably come up empty handed or what?

[4:05] Dawn Of The Final Day Hours


[4:15] BoJacksonGOAT – named after me probably – you are Right.

[4:20] Blaze it in the blazing sales blazeeeers

[4:26] This Sony TV is actually a ridiculous price for 70 inches of pure vision. Wowee.

[4:33] Is it legal to make me press F5 this much, ie. is there a class action lawsuit we can all bring against this company?


[4:55] Well team, haven’t we SEEN SOME SHIT IN OUR TIME

[4:56] Brutal. This is the screen most people saw.

Some people are saying they simply put a ‘.’, others are saying ‘wtf’, some are saying words like ‘mayhem’ worked. Really – this one seems like it was stuffed. Have reached out for confirmation.

[4:59] NO TIME TO COMPLAIN THE DJI SPARK IS UP NOW. Head to Art Lighting or whatever it is look just click this link that is where it will be.

[5:03] Go for the drone, don’t stress too hard about the missed Gift Card – there’s a $100 one coming and … the big Kahuna. The TV.

[5:06] I am broken hearted for y’all though. When the systems fail like this, it is the ultimate letdown. There’s obviously a lot going on in the backend, but it’s not good enough – I totally agree. There needs to be a bit better process in place for this sort of thing, but they also have to weigh that up against security and fraud. Probably a tough position to be in, but.

[5:07] That time the banner did disappear – and where did I post first – oh right the most up to date resource of all time. Le Twitter. Use its power. FEEL THE POWER.

[5:14] Alright, I am a bit bitter.

[5:22] How bout the cheek on Twitter?

Surely this is community service?

[5:32] Drone Up, Drone Down, Drone Down!!!! That was a tricky one because BOUNDARIES had to be searched for.

[5:34] That one was certainly TRICKY GUYS

Who got it?

[5:35] That actually evens the playing field up a bit I think. If you have to go hunting for the necessary word, some people will skim read or completely stuff it. Adds a bit of game to it. I like it. Some won’t.

[5:36] So, it’s come to this, Click Friendsies. I am 100% all in on the TV but, for the next hour (6pm to 7pm) both the $1 Myer Gift Card for $100 and the TV 55 inch LG banger for $10 is going up. Get your fingers all up and ready for it. Take a walk. A breathe. Make a coffee. Have a snack. See you all in 20.

[5:55] HERE WE GO

If you want the TV: Click on this link. It is in Beer & Liquor which is what I need 1000 of after this.

If you want the $100 Gift Card for $1: Click on this link. It’s in Skin & Body which I no longer have because they have melted away.

[5:58] Shall we dance, one. last. time?

[6:00] Begin.

[6:01] This is how you do it.

[6:05] The cowards haven’t gone early. Let’s see which goes first. The Gift Card… surely.

[6:08] Gift card has disappeared. All done.

They went early 😉

[6:10] The $10 55 inch TV is all that remains. Who will be victorious? Is a victory? Do you win? Or are we all in this together and we all win? I don’t know. I think not. I am so tired.

[6:11] Good Guy Energies to all of you going for the TV. It’s alive.

[6:15] So, I got my first email confirmation, right at the death. It looks like if you’re getting something, the email will come through immediately.

I am taking home the $100 Gift Card for my efforts today. That’s nice.

[6:21] Well, it’s all done for me, so now I can just post memes, right?

[6:24] No one will be reading this anyway, they all want a shot at the TV. The biggest shot. You miss 100 percent of the shots you dont take. But you also have a perfect strike rate if you dont take any shots just incase you miss one. Dont ever take any shots. Shots will disappoint you.

No shots allowed.

[6:34] Grant Arnott, Click Frenzy Founder has let me know that even if you didn’t get emails but did sign up in the past (say for November last year) and have got through to a win – you are eligible and shouldn’t be cancelled! Hooray!

[6:40] Final 20. Dont read. Just refresh.

[6:45] Approaching the final minutes here guys. Energies to you.

[6:47] I really need to pee.

[6:49] It’s all over guys. Even though I was out of it, I still attempted a bash at that one and it was gone within milliseconds. I don’t believe I was close at all.

[6:50] PENDING SCHMENDING, I had my Myer Gift Card and I am going home.

[6:52] What a ride. Thank you so much for following along this Click Frenzy and I hope that the live blog really helped you out. Remember, it’s not really about the bargains – its about the memes and the ‘null’ and the $10 TV that surely only 1 or 2 people will receive. I hope that life allows us to meet in a Bargain Wonderland again, in the near future.

[6:56] Don’t forget that Lifehacker covers deals every day. There’s still plenty of bargains to be found in the Frenzy and we rounded them all up below:

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Click Frenzy 2018: Here Are All The Best Deals [Updated]” excerpt=”Click Frenzy – AKA Australia’s answer to Black Friday – officially begins at 7pm tonight. However, a bunch of retailers have jumped the gun early, just like they do every year. Here are the best deals so far, with links to buy!”]

[6:57] As for me, it’s Goodnight. See you in six months.


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