The Reclaimed Wood Workspace

The Reclaimed Wood Workspace

Today’s featured workspace has walls lined with reclaimed wood that its owner collected, dried and sanded, painted, oiled and sanded again. The walls are like art in themselves.

The above workspace photo comes courtesy of Flickr user getthef.ckup. Besides decorating with reclaimed wood, he’s repurposed an old streetlamp formerly destroyed in a storm and uses it to run the wires from his monitors and speakers through the table.

We’re sure you’ll agree it makes for a cable- and clutter-free, eye-catching workspace – if a teensy bit foreboding. (It looks like the kind of desk you’d stumble upon in a Silent Hill video game.)

New workspace reclaimed wood wireless everything [Flickr]


  • Looks like Check Point Charley in Berlin — just a tad bright.

    I’m not an audiophile but those speakers look a little high as well, which is also those case for the monitors. But then again he could be a giraffe?

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