Reclaimed Wood And Plenty Of Sunlight: A Writer's Workspace In The Trees

When put to good use, wood can be one of the most beautiful parts of any room. This writer's workspace, designed by Jeremy Levine, looks as much like a pleasant getaway as it does an office.

The interior space uses maple ply on the floors and walls, cedar on the ceiling, and doug fir exposed beams to evoke the feeling of a cabin in the woods. The views out of the interior are carefully controlled to ‘frame out' the neighbouring houses and ‘frame in' the tops of the trees.

The artwork featured in the office is by Ryan McGinness and the interior design by Jeremy Levine Design.

Urban Cabin - Writer's Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Very tasteful up to and not including the circa 1992 beige PC under the desk.

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