Dealhacker: Get Telstra’s $49 Mobile Plan With 25GB Data (Plus $200 Gift Card!)

Got yourself a shiny new phone, but need a decent mobile plan? JB Hi-Fi have taken one of Telstra’s Go Mobile Plans and upped the ante significantly, meaning you can get a 25GB data allowance, plus a $200 JB gift card, for just $49 per month.

In my experience, dealing with the customer service representatives at JB Hi-Fi when looking for a new phone deal can be a breeze. They work hard to ensure that you get across to a good deal, because stores that do well in the Telco department are smiled upon – as are employees. Further to that, as an authorised Telstra provider, they often have deals to entice you into their store and this one is no different.

This deal is part of Telstra’s Go Mobile Plus offers, but it has a healthy JB slant to it. By signing up with the bumblebee-coloured mega retailer, you’ll be able to get an extra 10GB data each month, up from 15GB, and pay $10 less for the plan overall.

In addition, JB are throwing in a $200 gift card. Pretty enticing bonus.

The fine print tells us that you have to port your number over from another provider – so basically, you’ve got to be a new Telstra customer to take full advantage of the deal.

If you want to take full advantage of Telstra’s all-encompassing network, this is basically the cheapest way to do so right now, provided you’ve already got yourself a smartphone and can switch plans. Woolworths has the next best deal, with a $50 BYO plan that will also net you 25GB data, if you prefer to go that way.

I guess the one real negative is that it’s locked in for 12 months and there’s always the chance something better comes along in the meantime, though if you do go with this, I suggest dropping back in to a JB and asking what they can do for you. If you get someone on a good day, you might just find yourself in luck.

For context, here’s what you usually get with this plan – click on the table for full details. (The inclusions are the same with the exception of extra data.)


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