What You Need To Know About JB Hi-Fi’s New Mobile Plans

What You Need To Know About JB Hi-Fi’s New Mobile Plans
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Yesterday, JB Hi-Fi snatched the crown for Australia’s stealthiest mobile plan launch, releasing two BYO offers with nary a whisper. Only available in-store, you won’t find mention of them anywhere on JB’s website. You can, however, read about them right here.

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Available under the moniker “JB Hi-Fi Mobile”, the plans are essentially a Telstra MVNO service with slightly better pricing, as well as a few JB-specific extras.

At the moment, there’s just the two plans, for which you’ll find details below (courtesy of Canstar Blue). Please note, both plans include unlimited talk and text:

Plan Contract Data Extras
$45 BYO mobile 12 months 25GB (15GB + 10GB bonus) $200 JB Hi-Fi gift card
$65 BYO mobile 24 months 45GB (40GB + 5GB bonus) $300-$500 credit to phone purchase*

The amount of credit you get with the $65 plan depends on the price of the phone you put it towards. If it’s less than $999, you’ll get $300, for $999 and over it goes up to $500.

As Canstar Blue’s Tara Donnelly points out, unlike some other Telstra resellers, JB’s plans come with unmetered Apple Music and access to Telstra Air Wi-Fi hot spots. If you’re wondering how JB’s pricing compares to Telstra’s, take a look:

So you’re saving about $4-$5, though JB’s $65 plan locks you in for an extra 12 months, so it’s probably not worth it if you don’t use the phone credit. That said, $500 is quite the discount, if you go for a $1000+ device. Even $300 off a sub-grand phone is a good deal.

If you’re willing to buy a last-generation phone, you can also get a massive $740 off the Apple iPhone X when you sign up to a $65 plan. The iPhone X deal ends on September 30, so you will need to stop by JB Hi-Fi this weekend.

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JB Hi-Fi launches SIM-only mobile plans [Canstar Blue]


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