Make Sure You Have Jumper Cables

Make Sure You Have Jumper Cables

When we last rounded up our staff’s Weekly Upgrades, our editors were improving our cloud storage, putting more money into our retirement funds, and re-discovering the joys of Pokemon GO.

This week, we’re moving into new apartments, prepping our emergency supplies, and trying new expense-sharing apps.

What upgrades did you make this week? Let us know in the comments.

Get settled into new digs

I moved! And unpacked, decorated, updated my mailing address and voter registration, got internet installed, bought a bookshelf, shopped for cleaning supplies and Command hooks and did all of those other fun tasks you need to do when you move somewhere new. Now I’m ready for a nap.

Alicia Adamczyk, Staff Writer

Don’t rest until you find the perfect e-reader

I have been trying – so far, unsuccessfully – to find a great EPUB reader for my iPad. I tried Google Play Books, which was promising given how easy it was to upload the ebooks to the service, but the formatting of each ebook got completely messed up. I’m going to try the Kindle app next, but I hate that you have to basically email your files in…

David Murphy, Senior Tech Editor

Take the awkwardness out of splitting expenses

I went on a group trip and used the app Splitwise to keep track of all expenses. You can manage who paid for what (and who participated in each expense). At the end, it gives everyone one amount to pay that evens everything out, making those group expenses simple!

Joel Kahn, Senior Video Producer

Spruce up your office storage setup

In our office we have little lockers that weirdly come without handles, so I bought a PopSocket – a stick-on handle for your phone – and stuck it to my locker. Instant doorknob. I felt like I’d created a door in the middle of the air, like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Nick Douglas, Staff Writer

Stay prepared for auto emergencies

I bought jumper cables. My car’s battery died recently because it’s been sitting in my driveway for weeks and I thought I had some cables in the back. I didn’t… Double check every once in a while to make sure you have the tools and emergency supplies you think you have.

Patrick Allan, Staff Writer

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