Here Are Vodafone’s Unlimited Data Mobile Plans [Updated]

Here Are Vodafone’s Unlimited Data Mobile Plans [Updated]

Unlimited data. Imagine all the things you could do with it. You could binge-watch your favourite Netflix show on your mobile. You could binge-watch some YouTube videos on your mobile! You could even binge-watch Facebook memes on. Your. Mobile!

With the way we use our phones dramatically changing – and other telcos getting in on the act – Vodafone have today (also) unveiled new Unlimited Data Plans.

From tomorrow, May 2, mobile vampires will be able to suck as much data out of Vodafone’s phone plans as they like, with one consideration. Yes, these plans are ‘unlimited’ and you can use as much data as you want each month, but once you hit a certain amount of gigabytes, you’ll be shaped, depending on the plan you choose.

There are three different Unlimited Plan options and they come with three different “Max Speed” data allowances, meaning you get the fastest speed Vodafone can offer until you hit that ‘soft cap’.

For $60 a month, you get 30GB, for $80 you get 60GB and for $100 you get 100GB. Pretty simple equations.

Once you hit that soft cap, then your speed is shaped, bringing you back to what Vodafone describes as “Streaming Speed” data. This is up to 1.5Mbps and

All plans come with unlimited text and unlimited phone calls throughout Australia.

Vodafone’s Consumer Business Unit Director, Ben McIntosh, thinks that the new plans give people “more choice” and “peace of mind that they won’t be left without data or stung with extra costs once their data limits are up.”

McIntosh also suggested that the $80 Unlimited Plan is “enough to stream every episode of Stranger Things ever made, every single month on Netflix” which is a nice sentiment, and even though Stranger Things is very good, why would you want to watch it every single month?

I’m kidding. This is a new dawn, a new day… a new life. Now you can binge-watch your favourite shows on your phone without worrying about data ever again every single month!

“We’re excited to once again shake up the market with Australia’s first widely available unlimited data plans and drive real change for customers that are fed up with paying too much,” explained McIntosh.

The full readout is below:


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