Today I Discovered Nature Is F***ing Lit And I Won’t Get Any Work Done

Today I Discovered Nature Is F***ing Lit And I Won’t Get Any Work Done
Image: r/natureisfuckinglit

Look at this freaking thing. It’s all ballooning and sharp and you wouldn’t want to run into it in a dark alley. This is just one of the amazing images that you can find on Nature Is F***ing Lit, one of the best subreddits I’ve ever stumbled on to.

On my daily trawl through the internet to bring you some of the weirdest and coolest things you can find online, I usually browse through many a science article and reddit thread. Today, that reaped the best rewards it possibly could.

I’ve lost about 50 minutes to Nature Is Fucking Lit this morning, which is described simply:

We like nature and emoji.

Specifically, they like the 🔥 🔥 🔥 emoji.

The subreddit is an ode to the wonderful world around us and the fire emoji, a shorthand for the word all the teens are saying these days: “lit”

(Are they still saying that?)

Anyway, to get a good feel for what Nature Is Fucking 🔥 looks like, here’s the current top post:

???? Box crab openning its arms ???? from NatureIsFuckingLit

Here’s a tiny snake eating an egg:

???? Albino rhombic egg eater eats an egg from NatureIsFuckingLit

Here’s a hippo just straight up ignoring the lionesses that are bothering it:

???? Hippo gets attacked by lions, couldn’t care less ???? from NatureIsFuckingLit

The subreddit is full of GIFs and images that highlight the diversity and straight up awesomeness of Planet Earth. You can watch a ton of army ants completely destroy a crab one minute, and the next you can be staring in awe at the majesty of the giant squid or watching a leopard carry AN ENTIRE ZEBRA UP A TREE.


???? I see your pew pew fish and I raise you with a dual glue spitting worm (Velvet worm) ???? from NatureIsFuckingLit

This is badass.

???? Ogre-faced Spider catching its prey from NatureIsFuckingLit

Anyway, Nature is Fucking 🔥. Enjoy a morning of very little productivity and very much WOW.

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