How You Can Help Save the Fireflies

If you’ve noticed that your backyard doesn’t seem to glow with the twinkle of fireflies as much as it used to (or perhaps you’ve never seen them), you’re right: It likely doesn’t. Fireflies are disappearing from fields, marshes and forests all over the world.

Photo: dugdax, Shutterstock

It’s Time to Reduce Stress With Some Virtual Forest Bathing

Taking a walk in a forest can been deeply calming. Even if it’s just off the beaten path and you’re swatting mosquitoes away, you’re someplace different than the houses and buildings where you probably spend your life. A hike or a camping trip, or even a meditative half-hour in the…

Identify Chirps In Your Area With This Birdsong Quiz

Identify Chirps In Your Area With This Birdsong Quiz

Are you noticing the birds outside your window more than you used to? No matter where you live, there’s probably some chirpy thing hanging around. If you’d like to test your knowledge—or just open your ears to the world around you—try this simple quiz.