Nationwide Outage Shuts Down Woolworths [Updated]

Nationwide Outage Shuts Down Woolworths [Updated]
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According to multiple reports, Woolworths supermarkets around Australia are experiencing a technical issue that prevents them from processing any transactions.

Reports on Twitter are filtering through that Woolworths stores across the country have been shuttered as a technical issue cripples their scanning systems.

I personally just stopped into Woolworths after work and was told that I could not buy anything as no one can be served across the country due to “an IT error”. Speaking to a staff member, they told me their POS was down and no items can be scanned right now. They also did not have word on an ETA for when services may resume.

As of 4:50pm AEST, a Woolworths spokesperson has confirmed that services have returned to normal.

“We can confirm that an IT issue impacted registers in our supermarkets for a short period of time this afternoon. The registers are now back online in all our stores. We apologise for the inconvenience this caused our customers.”

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  • Ouch. Some late-night meetings to be had there.
    I suspect that as is the case with all systems with multiple layers of redundancy, there was some sort of chain of unfortunate events. Either way, would hate to be the CIO tomorrow.

  • Sorry, but I am laughing my head off…OMG!!! Wollies had to close their stores for a couple of hours because of a glitch in their computer systems…the sky is falling!!!! (Insert shock/horror emoticon here.)

    All these people whining most probably have computers that sometimes crash…I know mine does, and I wish I could get it up and running again in a couple of hours. Don’t they have cars that go on the frizt at the worst possible moment? How many times are you in a bank or in a government agency,and everything has to be manually done because ‘The System Has Crashed?’

    Welcome to 2018…the age of technology that everybody wants and uses on a daily basis. Just try to remember…machines, just like humans can have a meltdown. LoL

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