PSA: Hot Cross Buns Are Now Available At Woolworths And Coles

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The hot cross bun. Once a decadent indulgence that appeared on store shelves only a few weeks before Easter. Now an almost half yearly sweet, yeasty snack available the day after Christmas. Yes, that's correct.

Hot cross buns are already available at Coles and Woolworths around Australia.

Jesus wept.

We're now three days removed from Christmas, but it appears Woolworths have already thrown their hot cross buns on the shelf for Easter 2018. Today is December 28.

According to one Twitter user they're even launching a new flavour - 'Brioche'

Easter Sunday is on April 1, 2018. No joke.

Apparently, the idea that hot cross buns are on shelves a day after Christmas is something of sore point for the various Facebook users that flooded the Coles and Woolworths pages over the last couple of days.

Of course, the same debate happens every year and will likely continue until the heat death of the Earth.

To be honest, I say roll out the hot cross buns as early as you like. Why not just have them out all year? Why do we deprive ourselves of the delicious spiced buns between May and December anyway? Wikipedia tells me they are traditionally eaten on Good Friday.

Stuff tradition. Pagan Saxons apparently drew crosses on their buns at the beginning of Spring to honour the god Eostre. We're constantly taking traditions and making them into whatever we like.

Give me my hot cross buns the second Christmas Day is over, that's my tradition.

According to one report, the nationwide rollout officially begins on January 2 at Woolworths and January 3 at Coles, but some of the bakers have chosen to get a hop ahead of the competition and really beat the Easter rush.


    I feel like nobody is getting the clever joke on this - in years past, people were saying 'Well, it's Boxing Day, they'll probably have Easter eggs and hot cross buns on the shelves tomorrow". Then, as a 'trolling' response, Coles indeed did this. Sales were unexpectedly high, Woolies followed suit and it's been the same ever since. See also: "It's Halloween, so expect Christmas decorations to go up tomorrow"

      Easter eggs are out too? That would be a whole new level of madness!

      Christmas decorations started on July 31st this year.

    Maybe they shodul have them out all year, just ditch the cross and keep that for easter only infact if they could somehow make a HCB style bun but 2 bottoms (because the top half is just a disappointment) it would be awesome.

    The entire religion is a joke, and a scam.

    So April 1 is appropriate. That should be the official date of easter.

    I predict the holiday singularity (i.e. when hot cross buns go on sale before Christmas Day) can't be far off. At that point, anything retail is possible.

      I love how much science has been included in this post about hot cross buns. Let's keep it up Lifehackers.

    I eventually expect all the holidays to combine into a giant mecha holiday where the easter bunny and santa fight a death match to see who delivers to a house

    Hot cross buns are only available because people buy them.

    I’m more concerned about the Brandy Custard Conspiracy.
    A few years ago, I visited five supermarkets on 26 December and couldn’t find any.
    I’m sure on the evening of Christmas day, black trucks visit supermarkets and remove all brandy custard. (what do they do with it?)
    That was in the days when I could buy cans of Big Sister, now defunct - another conspiracy, or did they just go broke?
    Perhaps Big Sister sales fell after Christmas because of no brandy custard and were rubbed out when investigating the cause?
    I have this mental image of Big Sister investigators shooting it out in a dark supermarket with faceless supermarket operatives.

      While looking for cream on Christmas Day, I came across a litre of brandy custard in a service station. Now there's a story that can only end in the emergency room ...

    All's I know is, if I take hot cross buns as a snack for my board gaming group this afternoon, I"ll be thrown out a window. But it might be worth it for the troll value ...

    my brother once did a bad taste BBQ on Good Friday on the front lawn with easter eggs under a christmas tree

      Should have decorated the tree with Halloween stuff...

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