Google Tasks Is The Missing App We’ve Been Waiting For

Google Tasks Is The Missing App We’ve Been Waiting For
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Google’s task management toolkit has been sitting somewhere between crappy and cluster**** for some time. The company has obstinately refused to make it easy for users to add and manage tasks through an app or a single point of interaction. But that’s changing today with the release of Google Tasks – a new app that cleans up Google’s previous dog’s breakfast of task management tools.

The new app, available for iOS and Android, lets you link email to tasks, nest tasks so you can use it as a simple project management tool and add notes. However, it doesn’t seem to support prioritising to-do list items yet.

If you’re using a web browser, you can can drag email from your Gmail inbox over to the Tasks area and add them that way.

Google has published a simple guide on how to use Tasks.

I always marvel at how Google can create a much loved and highly used service like Google Reader and then deprecate it, only to not deliver something every personal information management tool has had as an integral part since as long as people have used computers to manage their schedule.

If you spend a lot of time working in the Google ecosystem, then Tasks is a step forward. But whether it will get people to abandon the tools they’ve using rather than waiting for Google is another question.


  • Thanks for the heads up. I got excited that they have improved the service, but alas, no reminders or repeating tasks ????
    I’ll keep using Gtasks for Android and Windows 10 which meet all my needs

  • agreed. Another lame attempt. I’m astounded at Google’s range of abilities, able to do the massive complex data analytics, but unable to produce a simple tool with an intuitive interface. I installed this new app, and then uninstalled after 5 minutes. Big issues for me:
    – my lists are in random order, with no control of the order
    – doesn’t support multiply indented lists.

    • Missing app? It should be – it is basic and unoriginal in every respect. There are dozens of task / to-do apps that do far far more. I installed it, spent about 5 minutes looking through the features (or rather the lack of features) and then uninstalled it.

      Complete waste of time. I’ll stick to Microsoft To-Do which is much more advanced and well designed.

  • Neither this new “improved” Tasks app nor Microsoft To-do have shared lists like Wunderlist. Until that’s a feature I won’t switch, amongst other minor differences.

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