Platinum Tasks Is A Beautiful To-Do App For Android Tablets

Android tablets: There's no shortage of task management apps for Android, but you'll be hard pressed to find something beautiful, functional and built specifically for Android tablets. Platinum Tasks by Aussie developer David Stallard is a polished, intuitive task management app that's already getting excellent user reviews.

Platinum Tasks sets itself apart from other productivity apps with its drag-and-drop functionality, customisability, huge list of features and user-friendly interface. You can easily create one-off or recurring tasks, label the tasks according to preset or custom categories, create projects with time limits and deadlines, filter and archive tasks, and lots more. Platinum Tasks also syncs with Google Tasks for both Gmail and Google Apps accounts. There's also a customisable widget that lets you view tasks right on the home screen, and you can change the look of the app with a range of colour schemes.

The developer promises that additional features are on the way, including Dropbox sync, more icons, and the ability to export task lists and complete tasks directly from the widget. I found the app to be a bit overkill for my needs, but if you use Google Tasks or want a project management app, Platinum Tasks does the job and does it well.

Platinum Tasks is discounted to just $2.49 (that's 50 per cent off!) especially for our readers until noon on Saturday.

Platinum Tasks [Android Market]


    I love this app, it looks amazing, makes me want to open it up just to look at how pretty my to do list is! I would live exchange sync though.

    Does it sync with Gmail or Google Apps? If so, then it would be amazing! If it doesn't then its a waste :(

      My thoughts exactly

    snipped from the app description -
    "• Synchronise your Google Tasks task list automatically so you're always up-to-date, whether on your computer or your Android Tablet.:

    so it looks like it will 'actually useful'

    I'm off to try it out

    well, actually, I'd try it *if* it supported tablets running android < 3.0.

    Sadly, it's only available for honeycomb or better^w newer.

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