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Google Calendar makes it easy to keep track of upcoming events, from work meetings to birthdays and anniversaries. However, you can make the app work even better by integrating Google Tasks with your calendar. This allows you to create to-do lists and check items off as you accomplish them, for optimal organisation. Here are the steps!


Google Tasks has been around for nearly 10 years. While digital to-do lists are great for keeping yourself organised, Google's attempt always felt like a half-effort. With no official mobile app, you had to turn to a third-party app to access your tasks from your smartphone or tablet, or you had to pull up the mobile version of Gmail on your favourite browser - as if.


Google's task management toolkit has been sitting somewhere between crappy and cluster**** for some time. The company has obstinately refused to make it easy for users to add and manage tasks through an app or a single point of interaction. But that's changing today with the release of Google Tasks - a new app that cleans up Google's previous dog's breakfast of task management tools.