Today’s Best Lifehacker Stories

Today’s Best Lifehacker Stories
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Joining us late? No worries! Here are all of today’s big Lifehacker stories that you might have missed.

  • Aussies may (potentially) get to see the Aurora Australis tonight. We explain how. [Lifehacker]
  • Professor Stephen Hawking died early in the morning on March 14. Here are 12 of his best quotes about life, the universe and everything (bonus: you don’t need a PhD in quantum mechanics to understand them.) [Lifehacker]
  • Lifehacker’s A.A. Newton explains how to subtly rip off Marilyn Monroe’s look with makeup. [Lifehacker]
  • Do you pine for the good ol’ days of video games? Here are all the places you can still get your retro gaming fix. [Lifehacker]
  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 officially goes on sale in Australia tomorrow. Here are the cheapest ways to set yourself up with a plan. [Lifehacker]
  • Here are all the cheapest places to stay in Japan. [Lifehacker]
  • Is your online dating profile not getting many hits? Here’s where you could be going wrong. [Lifehacker]
  • If you’re new to exercising, the thought of sitting underneath a 50kg barbell is probably pretty terrifying. Fortunately, light weights are just as effective at building muscle. [Lifehacker]
  • Fanatical is having a big clearance sale on PC games. We take a look at some of the highlights. [Lifehacker]
  • If you’re planning to order pizza tonight, let your kids do it. [Lifehacker]

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