Why It Might Be Worth Developing Smartwatch Apps

Even with Apple's relatively successful entry in the market, smartwatches are still perceived as a niche segment. But if you're a developer, the evidence is mounting that there might eventually be a business case for building apps to run on smartwatches alongside your existing mobile apps.

Picture: Getty Images/Stephen Lam

Research by Roy Morgan suggests that 520,000 adult Australians intend to purchase a smartwatch this year. While that's not a particularly high number, it's at a similar level to the number of people who said they planned to buy an iPhone in the first 12 months following its release.:

The number of smartwatch ‘early intenders’ today is close to the iPhone equivalent seven years ago, and the age profile is also markedly similar: around 43% of iPhone intenders in July to October 2008 were aged 14 to 24, and another 28% were 25 to 34; among today’s smartwatch intenders, 38% are 14-24 and 30% are 25-34. Clearly, younger people drove initial uptake of smartphones — and may perhaps do the same for smartwatches.

With recent improvements to Watch OS and Android Wear, smartwatch apps might actually make sense.

Roy Morgan


    Well, that's because they ARE a niche market.

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