What Annoys You Most About Apple Products?

It's easy to complain about something. "My coffee is too bitter! The office is too warm! The dog didn't let me give him a bone-crushing hug!" Sure, some gripes are minor, but when it comes to interacting with technology, it can be the little things that push us over the edge. Case in point, Apple. Beautiful products. At least to look at.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Apple's products. I use a MacBook at home, an iPhone for a daily driver, and my iPad is probably my most treasured gadget.The iPhone X is an incredibly capable smartphone with some pretty reliable facial recognition tech, augmented reality support to add a little ephemeral spice to your boring, tangible life.

The iPad Pro, paired with an Apple Pencil, makes taking notes and drawing a more enjoyable experience compared to offerings from competitors like Microsoft. Plus, they all look pretty svelte and sleek. For the most part, my time with Apple products, starting with my first red iPod Nano, has been pretty great.

That doesn't mean I don't take umbrage with some of the company's more questionable decisions.

Starting on the hardware side, there are a lot of choices in which one could find fault. An all USB-C MacBook, complete with the removal of the MagSafe connector (arguably the greatest power connection method ever conceived for a laptop) is gripe numero uno for me.

Permanently affixed hardware components like RAM and storage capacity make upgrades all but impossible, the company's update cycle for products like the Mac Mini and MacBook Air is abysmal, and the industrial design oddities found in accessories like the Apple Pencil and Magic Mouse 2 make me wonder who signed off on such an arse-backwards form. Also, have you ever tried to buy USB-C headphones? It's basically impossible.

That's all before getting into the missteps in terms of software. As of late, iPhones have been suffering from debilitating bugs involving components as simple as text characters. MacBooks have been compromised by faulty security issues that let users assume the mantle of root. Updates to correct the aforementioned security issue exposed different security issues. In short, it feels like a mess, because it's been a mess.

So what about Apple products rubs you the wrong way? What are they doing that you absolutely love? Is the the emphasis on form over function to the point where the Magic Mouse won't work during its recharge cycle? Is it the fact that you can walk into any Apple Store and get some actual help with your products instead of mailing it in and waiting a week like with other manufacturers? How are you liking your new cocaine ring, courtesy of your HomePod? Let us know in the comments, and do your best to remember the fanboy wars have long since ended. We're grown-ups here.


    Yeah, I miss Steve Jobs too. However, to his and Apple's credit, our iPhones haven't exploded in our faces (re. Samsung.)

    What Annoys You Most About Apple Products?

    The price.

    What annoys me the most? The stigma that comes with owning an apple device.

    My pet peeve is non-removable phone batteries: something the entire industry has now copied. This offers little to no benefit to the consumer. It also stops you from ordering replacement batteries to prolong the life of your phone.

      Its benefits the company thats for sure. They can charge abnormally high prices for battery replaces because its now suddenly hard to do it so they have to charge more even. Even though the actuall process of changing the battery takes 5 minutes.

    They didn't though the iPhone X properly

    The new aspect ratio irks me because now I am getting smaller screen than my old iPhone 6s + because most of the apps are not optimised for that ratio...

    I remembered when they introduced Retina display, they put a lot of thoughts behind it so the end user does not get impacted by the new resolution. but with iPhone X, let's just produce the nice hardware ... but oops forgot about the end user. Comon Apple, you are not Samsung.

    The restrictions! Both with software (home screen and default apps etc) and hardware (don't like the giant button, not much option)

      I hate the software most. It is so locked down and although it’s getting better simple tasks like transferring files between programs are hard and annoying. Also more complicated things like text message forwarding (to email or a non apple phone) or letting background apps access the clipboard and download files are non existent due to technical limitations.
      My problem is there is no suitable alternative for the iPad. Samsung tablets are crap (Overheat, are heavy, have poor battery life and have an awkward design), Microsoft ones lack cellular connectivity (a must for a student like me) and there are virtually no other high end tablets on the market.

        Google I/O is just around the corner, so fingers crossed they finally show off some touch focused UI enhancements for ChromeOS. A Surface style Chromebook that's running Android apps would be a great productivity tool

    The ("innovative") lack of a headphone jack.

    Their restrictive ecosystem.

    The lack of customisation.

    Their own proprietary charging cable.

    I hate how Apple force you to use their devices in a certain way. They don't seem to believe that people are different.

    It really bothers me that I can't control third party music/podcast apps with Siri, especially now the new iPhones have no headphone jack. I really like my AirPods, but it bothers me that when I'm listening to podcasts with Pocketcast I can't easily control the volume or tell it what to play next. Often if I tell it to do volume up, it pauses my podcast, and then when I ask it to resume play, it launches Apple Music. I really do feel that if you're going to push bluetooth headphones and Siri integration, make it easy for me to control whatever audio I want!

    Third party audio integration with Siri is the last feature that I really want. The rest I'm pretty much fine with now. But the lack of audio control with Siri really, really bugs me!

    I don't get bloatware
    I don't get adware
    I don't get viruses
    I don't get slow unresponsive screens
    everything just works seamlessly between my tablets and computer
    It doesn't blow up or catch fire or gets banned from aircraft
    I don't look like a cave man when I get out my wireless headphones
    My privacy is not for sale by Google or the Chinese government

    oh right things that annoy me...??? I guess if you are android user those things would annoy you (above) .. .LOL.

      I would argue apple forcing a U2 album on you would be bloat/adware
      Apple also forces you to use their products regards of whether or not you want to (Homepod only lets you use Apple music) which I'd argue is bloat
      You can get viruses
      Apple phone slow down and do become unresponsive, just like everything else- but by design, not by software flaw
      iPhone have had major design flaws (iPhone 4 not getting signal if you hold it in your left hand) which Apple reacts with hostility to, unlike Samsung which tried to address it
      You are stuck using wireless headphones/a dongle because only iPhones use lightning for audio, which was a consumer unfriendly move
      If you think Apple cares about your right to privacy or if you think that no one has your data because you have an iPhone, I have a few links for you (remember iCloud?)

      The author of this article wants points that are bad about apple. No manufacturer is perfect and presenting is an insult to your intelligence. Demand better from Apple, and they'll improve. Claim everything is perfect and you'll get the iPhone 4 again with no innovations.

        2009 wants its issues back...

        what evidence do you have at Apple selling private data ? NONE !
        The rest of your rants are silly or irrelevant or both, you can use any wireless headphones with apple, and we are talking about phones, not the stupid home pod, which is stupid!

        Apple is not perfect, but next to the others they still kick arse!

      agree for all except: "works seamlessly"

      This has taken a step back in recent years with more focus on fancy new features.

    Over priced
    Restrictive software
    The way people i know think they are better than you because they own an iPhone and they dismiss any argument you throw at them with "it's just better"

    Aside from the price, it's that they bring out new models and discontinue support for old ones too quickly IMO. It seems wrong to buy a new iPhone or iPad when the ones we have still work perfectly well (my 3rd gen iPad and 6+ iPhone still work as well as they did on day 1), it's just that Apple has engineered their system so that you feel pressured to update to the newest model. There is always some new feature on the new model that does something the previous model can't, and they are starting to limit the software (apps and itunes etc) too to force people to upgrade to newer models. Which I guess wouldn't be so bad except they are so damned expensive, and older (but newer) models are still expensive.

    iPhones and iPads are pretty much just super expensive disposable devices at the moment.

    No removable battery.

    Grossly expensive to replace a battery

    No expandable storage.

    That I can’t roll back iOS after I find it slows down an iPhone 6 by a factor of 500%. Why aren’t we allowed to roll back the OS? It seriously makes me understand why some people go Postal.

    It seems to be clear cut proof that Apple is manipulating us and forcing us to upgrade phones unnecessarily.

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    Patches for major system issues that require you to upgrade iOS past the ability of the hardware to support it. That ended my run of iPhones very quickly.
    Restrictive hardware ecosystem.
    Non-acknowledgement of self-generated interoperability issues, such as the failure of the SMB stack for about two years.
    Really poor international support. Try running their English apps while connected to foreign services (e.g. a non-English iTunes store) and you see how desperately bad their localization is. I once had a support call that got switched from France to Ireland to Cupertino where one of their international guys admitted that he had frankly no idea how any of their stuff worked outside of the US.

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    Promote shit as if it was gold for long enough ...and the sheep-le eventually start to believe it

    The Apple we know it really did die with Steve, just look at the latest MacBook, they removed half of the things he innovated then upped its price....after only apple laptops for 20 years, my next one won't be an apple.

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