We're All Doing Push-Ups This February

Ready for the next chapter of the Lifehacker Fitness Challenge? In February, we're doing upper body exercises: Every day, try to do at least one push-up.

Image from the State Library of Victoria.

I did a similar challenge on my own last year, with good results: At the beginning of the month I could do somewhere between five and 10 sloppy push-ups with bad form. By the end of the month, I was doing the same number but they were strong, straight, good form push-ups. A few weeks after the month was up, I did my first ever clapping push-up.

So here's what we're doing this month:

  • A baseline test. I can do 10 excellent form push-ups without stopping. Do whatever type of pushups you can do with good form, even if that means you're doing them with your hands on a wall.
  • At least one push-up per day, again at whatever level works for you. You're welcome to do as many as you like, but if you're feeling sore, just do a single wall push-up to keep the streak going.
  • A test at the end to see how much you improved.

Get ready for that first workout tonight. Good luck, and we'll compare notes at the end of the month!


    I'm in. I just did 3 sets of 10 (I did amrap on the third set and got to 15) for a total of 35 push ups. Also completed 10 sit ups (would have kept going but my foot weights had to get a shower for bed) and about 60 seconds of reverse planking with an additional 11.5 kgs for extra measure (my daughter was using me as a jungle gym)

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