The Samsung Galaxy S9 Is Getting A Pumped-Up Enterprise Edition

Image: Samsung

Samsung's new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9 (and the larger Galaxy S9+) were revealed at MWC just a short time ago. The release of an Enterprise Edition means there is a whole lot that corporate IT departments and business users can do with it.

The Galaxy Note 8 premiered the release of an Enterprise Edition devices for Samsung phones. And the company has kept that going with the Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition comes with Samsung's MDM solution, Knox Configure. This allows admins to deploy apps, firmware updates, policy changes and other configuration items over the air, as well as customise devices so they can be locked down into a "kiosk mode".

Samsung is also claiming "defence grade security" through Samsung Knox 3.1 and promises security updates for the S9 for up to four years. With recent data suggesting people are hanging on to smartphones for longer periods, this is good news.

Like the S8, the Galaxy S9 can connect to an external display via the DeX Pad - a docking device that gives to a computer-like experience from the smartphone. It also makes the phone's display into a touchpad so you don't have more clutter on your desk. That means you have drag-and drop capability while at your desk. It also means you can use the S9 to deliver presentations on the go without having to drag around a laptop.

Multi-tasking looks pretty seamless on the S9 - something Apple could do well to look at given its clunky implementation (in my view) in iOS 11.

One of the neat features is App Pairing. We've seen this before on other Samsung devices. It allows you to simultaneously launch two apps so they are displayed in split screen mode. For example, I'd use it to have my browser and Evernote adjacent to each other when I'm doing some research.

With augmented reality now a key battlefield in the mobile software business, Samsung has added live translation, powered by their Bixby smart assistant, so you can point the S9's 12MP camera at a sign in a foreign language and get a live translation.

One of the really useful features for business users is the ability to separate business and personal data. Coupled with the new security features and addition of an Enterprise Edition, Samsung is really pushing to take over the corporate smartphone budget.


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